Phillies Release 2012 Schedule

You can view it after the jump.

Ticket on-sale info:

·      Six-Pack tickets will go on sale in late November. 

·      Spring training tickets will be available for purchase in mid-January.

·      Individual tickets will be offered in mid-February.


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18 Responses

  1. so they pushed the schedule back a week again… wonder why? also, no Fenway or Yankee stadium again… bummed about that

  2. 3 things i dont like.
    1. At Wrigley for just a 2 game set and its during the week
    2. Boston at home again, would love a fenway trip
    3. No games vs NYY

  3. Interesting that the regular season schedule extends into October next year.
    I thought MLB was making a conscious effort to end the season sooner, so the WS did not extend into November.

  4. @K And the second series. And between the first series and on deck series. At least we end the season with Washington-Miami-Washington…9-0?

  5. They almost ALWAYS have an off day in the middle of the 1st Series– I’m assuming it’s in case the first game is rained/snowed out. They didn’t this season because they opened on a Friday (a little unusual).

  6. TR you can thank the Jays for the no trip to Fenway again. Usually it rotates, and we were suppose to go there this year, but because the Jays demanded a Phillies home series as payback for the home series they had to play at CBP in 2010, MLB switched our trip to Boston to a homestand, and our homestand vs the Jays to an away series. So basically because of the switch this season we have to wait until 2013 before its our turn to visit Boston again.

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