Phillies to Add Two New Beer Stands for Playoffs

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Well this is a welcome addition. 

If you remember, two weeks ago, we very publicly bitched about customer service – specifically beer lines – at CBP.

This should help.

A pair of beer stands will open behind sections 210 and 317. Nice. From

Look for the likes of Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald (one of the best porters brewed in America) and 21st Amendment Back in Black.

(Who'da thunk you'd ever see a black IPA at a ballpark?) Also coming: Weyerbacher Harvest, Abita Purple Haze, Lagunitas IPA and more.


Also, don't forget about the Phillies ridiculous lovable rally trolley making its way around Center City tomorrow: 

The 33-foot trolley, which will be themed in "With Love, Philadelphia XOXO®" décor, will leave South Philadelphia approximately 11:45 a.m. and travel around City Hall, Rittenhouse Square, LOVE Park, Franklin Square, the Independence Visitor Center, and up Market Street past Campo's Deli.


T-Mac will be along for the ride. As reader Kevin puts it, "that sounds downright awful."

Agree, Kevin. Agree.


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  1. I must say that the past visits around CBP, I am consistently suprised with the quality and selection of beer. I did a few laps with my lady prior to taking seats. I mean I had Flying Fish, Yards Brawler, Sly Fox, and totally disgusted with myself, but a Bud Light served thru the BOTTOMS UP DRAFT!!!! Its like the worlds largest craft brew store

  2. @ET, dude i know what the FUCK! I feel OCD i check like every 10 minutes! i have to plan my weekend around this SHIT, a professional god damn courtesy would be nice MLB!!!

  3. Will the High and Inside pub be closed again this postseason to be turned into a merch stand?
    if so that makes me die a little inside. Where can I get my double dewers on the rocks?

  4. I was pumped to find Troegs Dead Reckoning and Long Trail Harvest up in the Hall of Fame club a couple weeks ago.

  5. Last time I was at the bank, very very few stands had the bottoms up dispenser. And they were on the movable beer carts.

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