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Chase Utley falls just between A.J. Pierzynski and Milton Bradley in's player poll naming the sport's meanest players. Wow.

SI polled 215 players. No criteria is given, just the term "meanest player."

We're all very aware that Utley plays the game hard and often times irks opposing teams, but this is a bit shocking.

The top 15:

1) A.J. Pierzinski

2) Chase Utley

3) Milton Bradley

4) Carlos Zambrano

5) Vincente Padilla

6) Alex Rodriguez

7) Chris Carpenter

8) Albert Pujols

9) Nyer Morgan

10) Kevin Youkilis

11) Josh Beckett

12) Kyle Farnsworth

13) Prince Fielder

14) Jason Kendall

15) Mark Teixeira

The slideshow at

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