Some Winter Classic Tickets Have Popped Up Online

Winter_classic_mockupMockup by DC Visual Arts

Admittedly, I’m a little bit obsessed with the Winter Classic. But so are you.



…at the finest sporting venue in the country.

No ticket information has been released by the Flyers. There has only been a mailing sent to season ticket holders that says tickets – one per season ticket seat – will be available at a later date. Well, someone has some (or thinks they’re going to have some). A Bloomberg news story posted today:

At least 31 tickets and one luxury suite are available for purchase on the resale website for a Jan.2 game between the Rangers and Flyers at Citizens Bank Park, thehome of Major League Baseball’s Philadelphia Phillies. The NHL, which hasn’t announced any details about the game, said today on its website that it would host a “major press event” on Sept.26 at the ballpark.

Gary Meagher, the NHL’s senior vice president for public relations and media, declined to immediately comment on the tickets up for resale or details of the game.


The tickets, which are presumably posted by brokers or someone with an inside track on seat availability, range from $508 each to $53,253 for a suite. Those prices will change significantly as the even gets closer and the market takes shape, but if you really want tickets… you can get them here.

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15 Responses

  1. That Mockup is BULLSHIT. CBP now has a full giant HD screen, not the black and yellow Lite-Brite this “artist” has imagined.

  2. honestly, i wouldnt go to that, even if i was a hockey fan. the best seat would still make them look like ants. theres no seating on the glass, if you sit in left field you wouldnt even get to see the screen…

  3. you guys are bitching a lot about the mock-up, i personally love it and would like to see any of you jerk offs do something anything close to this.

  4. It’d be awful to see. A puck moves a lot faster and a lot less predictable than a baseball Johnny. It’s hard enough to see from the top row of the Well, take a look at how higher the seats are at CBP… not to mention being a hundred feet back from the rink instead of over the rink.
    I know people who sat first row 50 yard line of the upper level at Heinz last year….said they watched the video boards if they wanted to see.
    Personally, i’ll try and go to one of the college games or the Phantoms game. Just to see the place with a hockey rink. The game is a great event, but event.
    I’d rather get 6 regular season upper-level Flyers tickets or get to 2 or 3 eagles games as compared to sitting in the upper 300 section in right field.

  5. I like it… I went to the winter classic at Fenway and this set up is exactly the same…and Fenway had snow fake snow but it was snowing for a brief period. This is pretty close to what I’d imagine cbp will look like on game day.

  6. Having sat in center field for the game at Fenway, this image does a good job of depicting how difficult it is to actually see the ice, how much smaller a hockey rink is compared to a baseball field, and how watching the game is pretty hard to do at one of these.
    Not be to negative, but it’s good to prepare.

  7. Doesn’t DC Visual Arts know this is in Philly? Why are there so many empty seats?
    Oh yeah, and I’m going to this!

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