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You have to be some special type of asshole… to walk around our nation's capital masquerading as a third-string quarterback. At least pretend to be Rex Grossman or Donovan McNabb… um, never mind, Vince Young works just fine.

Ladies and gentlemen, NBC Philadelphia tells you this story:

The agency that represents veteran NFL quarterback Vince Young says its client is being impersonated by a man in the Washington, D.C area.

"I heard that he has been taking money, taking pictures with little kids at hospitals," Young said on Monday.  "It's been real sick."

EAG Sports Management company said in an email that it had become aware of a man posing as the quarterback in the D.C. area.  According to EAG Sports Management agency, since June the man was collecting money for appearances as Young, "conning unsuspecting women and some men into believing his scam."


So how do we know the person in that video is Vince Young? That’d be like a double mind-fuck: fake quarterback complains about fake quarterback pretending to be his fake-self’s real-world persona. Mind: blown.

UPDATE: He's in Philly