SportsRadio 94 WIP is Now Live

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That's it. 94.1 WIP is now live on your FM band. Howard Eskin is broadcasting his last show as the first show on 94.1 WIP. 

You can listen here.

Their new bumper theme is after the jump.


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  1. Rest in Peace, 94 WYSP… Playing Everything that Rocked (1973-2011). Have fun being the number 2 sports station in Philly….

  2. Sorry guys, but YSP has sucked horribly since they went to the whole ‘rock you grew up with’ format.
    And anyone who doesn’t think all radio will be talk in 10 years is downright stupid. Music on radio is dying, hard and fast.

  3. he is not jobless, he still works (as for right now) with CBS Radio who owns(ed) WYSP and WIP, KYW. he will get a new gig in a new city.

  4. I just don’t see how there can be such a demand for sports talk radio. All you’re doing is listening to opinions of people, some of whom really don’t know what they’re talking about but think they do. And yes I agree, part of my childhood is now gone, YSP was THE station to listen to when I was in high school, and one thing I think that killed it was when it went to “Free FM.” Also, the ratings lately have been up, but why CBS went to the change is because WIP has been losing the ratings war to 97.5 and they feel there’s more demand for sports talk than rock music. And I really hope they’re wrong, otherwise rock radio in general could be in trouble.

  5. ysp sucked major gorilla balls. the format sucked. they’d go from playing something off dark side of the moon (which is the rock i grew up with btw) to some stupid three doors down crap that no one in their right mind likes or listens to in their free time. i’m glad that crap station is no more. uh, anyone own a freakin ipod? yeah it’s way better listening to what the hell i want rather than green day being forced down the the brussel sprouts i never liked as a kid.

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