Your #askthebooth Questions That Didn’t Make Air


This is also a bad idea

This weekend, the Phillies’ broadcast made its first foray into interactive television with its “Ask The Booth” segment.  The Phillies asked you, the viewer, to pose questions to T-Mac, Wheels, and Sarge. As expected, the results were disastrous.

I pity the production assistant who was tasked with combing through the litany of #askthebooth Tweets to find ones that were suitable for air, let alone coherent. Here are some that didn’t quite make the cut. As always, your Tweets are unedited.


JCSdesign82 Jim Schugsta 

@Phillies Is Tom McCarthy tired of saying "Pretty impressive stuff" over and over again? #askthebooth


Danny_Donaghy Dan Donaghy 

#askthebooth how does this work


@Chiccywood: How did Shakespeare In Love beat Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture? I mean, for serious. #askthebooth


PhilliesFever :D 

#askthebooth Have you ever met the Xfinity turtles?


tut_ ₪ 

@philaphillies What's the grossest thing you've ever seen Joe Blanton eat? Be honest. #AskTheBooth


bbonner71 Bob Bonner 

Have you ever caught Wheeler staring at Utley while he showered? #askthebooth



adimike55 Adrian Hickman 

.@philaphillies since Scott Graham is no longer in Philly, how come TurkeyHill hasn't renamed Graham Slam to Wheels Slam? #AskTheBooth


raaaachel_4519 Rachel 

i accidentally sent my dad a sext last night that was meant for my boy and i don't know how to approach the situation. advice? #AskTheBooth



@kofiabiney: Will I get laid again at some point in my life or should I just stick to my right hand forever? #askthebooth


RobGerhart RobGerhart 

@philaphillies #askthebooth Where does Wheels buy his toupées?


msab20 Michael Sabatino 

. @philaphillies How do you two stand listening to each other? #askthebooth


dagreenhouse da greenhouse 

@philaphillies hey tmac, if the moon were made of bbq spare ribs, would ya eat it? #askthebooth


JRCarty Jason Carty 

@philaphillies #askthebooth do they make toupees in mohawk style?? #wheels


scrappleSports scrapple sports 

hey #askthebooth , has Wheels ever clogged the toilet on a road trip?@Phillies


rusty_kittin Russell D'Agostino 

@philaphillies #askthebooth how's muff feeling tonight?


tkesq TK 

Did Wheels just call the #askthebooth tweets filthy? @philaphillies


PhillyPhan3410 Hunter Maenner 

@philaphillies Have you guys ever met Jack McKeon and if so what does he trade? #askthebooth


inkenzceivable Mackenzie 

Less #askthebooth more Cliff Lee #makeitstop


Jrmcgeev John R. McGeever 

#askthebooth did cliff lee remind you of seabiscuit when he rounded 3rd?


t8designs t8designs 

@philaphillies so Wheels wasn't invited to the bbq at Dusty Bakers, huh? #Askthebooth


ryan2714 Ryan Cassidy 

can someone please please make an absolute ridiculous handle and ask a legitimate question to #AskTheBooth so the read it on air


NKluse_816 Nate Klusewitz 

@philaphillies is Cliff Lee cooler than Chuck Norris? #askthebooth


RobGerhart RobGerhart 

@philaphillies #askthebooth What more is there to the Sarge story? Is he a pill popper?


PhilsRallyMan John Schmidt 

How long to secure wheels' hairpiece? #askthebooth


MegReilly1 meg reilly 

Can you guys shutup? #AskTheBooth


DHimmel10 Doug Himmelreich 

@philaphillies why is #wheels so gay? #askthebooth


JoeS3737 Joe S. 

@philaphillies why does it seem like Wheeels jerks off every single player on the opposing team we face? #AskTheBooth


bdayshouts rfred5 

Why does it burn when I pee? #askthebooth


dnemetz20194 Dave Nemetz 

Who's the cute brunette in the red shirt who shows up on camera when a RH batter is up? #askthebooth


Pattig143 patrice g 

#askthebooth so seriously does the phanatic have a dad…and why do we never see him if he does @philaphillies


philsphan19 Holly 

Why is it that I can only enjoy an outdoor shower down the shore? #askthebooth


ItsNiceGuy Eddie 

#AskTheBooth How many squirrel pelts does Wheels go thru annually?


NQAPodcast NQAPodcast 

My epileptic girlfriend says I should adopt her daughters baby with a multiple sclerosis transgendered heroin addiction? #askthebooth


Atomic_Nads Tim Osman 

@AskTheBooth Who is the asshole with the Soviet Union tshirt behind home plate? #askthebooth


mleif Marc 

@philaphillies During long stretches on the road, have you two ever looked at each other and considered it? #askthebooth


conroyd1 Dave Conroy 

How often does Weels 'rub it on his pantalons, man!' ? #askthebooth


dnemetz20194 Dave Nemetz 

Are the lucky Citizens 7 fans really lucky?#askthebooth


ziggyroxymarley lovelee33 

#askthebooth. Does Wheels attend Plushie and Furrie conventions? I know I've see him


tkesq TK 

Sarge, does size really matter? @philaphillies #askthebooth


jonwoood Jon Wood 

@philaphillies #askthebooth is it true that wheeler sucks eggs?


Keep up the good work, folks.


24 Responses

  1. T Mac and wheels must have some dirt on someone in charge of who goes on tv and who goes on radio. Scotty Franz and LA are a billion times better than these guys. I really dont understand how we can be top 3 teams in the majors for like that past 4 years and have such shitty announcers! it boogles the mind! T Mac with his corny openings and if we go to Cincy next year and I have to hear Wheels talk about how it stays light out later there b/c its so close to Kentucky, my head will explode!

  2. This was very likely the best thing to ever happen to twitter. Comedy fucking GOLD. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. One that stands out: (Don’t ask who tweeted it, I don’t remember) What was in Marsalis Wallace’s briefcase? Follow up question: Does he look like a bitch?

  3. Nice collection, but you missed some great ones. I was shocked at the way this unfolded. It was a stupid idea to begin with. If they didn’t realize that before it started, you would think they would have figured it out within the first half-hour the first night. When they brought it back last night, I was shocked. I love Tmac’s passive agressive disclaimer each time: “We can’t answer all of the more interesting questions, like . . . [insert mundane question here why secretly fuming about questions about my manboobs].” I think somebody read the first night’s stream, and they decided to double down. They are taunting us, and we need to respond accordingly.

  4. i’m literally in tears. love the guy who incorporated the citizens bank commercial. “how often does wheels rub it on his pantaloons man?” wow, more please.

  5. I have been watching since Dusty Rhoads hit his famous home run,and I have been wandering when was it started that the pitcher or catcher appealed to either first or third base for a strke call.I feel that if it was in effect when Bob Feller was pitching he would have had 6,000 strike outs.

  6. @darwin hendricks…what?? is that like your ask the booth question or something? i’m so confused…

  7. I actually shared the #askthebooth search results with a friend not on Twitter – he almost peed himself. Talk about a perfect storm – gold for the phans, terror for the announcers. Genius.
    Thank you Kyle for compiling some of these. Like I said the other day, I feel that a, #askthebooth segment on Crossing Broad should be a weekly thing 🙂

  8. i also recommend the ask the booth questions during rain delays on tv, as much as i enjoying seeing footage from the 93 team its starting to get old.

  9. This exchange below is HILARIOUS! Although i bet its not tmac, wheels or sarge doing the responding, just reading over some of the conversations and visualizing sarge or t mac saying them has me laughing my balls off!
    theJamesIsJames James J. C.
    @philaphillies Long dick or Dong lick? You better fuckin answer me you fuck #askthebooth
    3 Sep
    in reply to ↑
    @theJamesIsJames Dong lick!

  10. Tom,Wheels and Sarge: How do the bat boys get chosen? My Friend and I have wanted to meet you fellows for a long time and when we ask they always tell us no. You guys are the best broadcasters since Harry Kalas. Have a great day and we will be at the park on Saturday the 17 of Sept. Nancy Hodge, Danville, Pa.

  11. If a pitcher, pitches to23 hitters with no hitsand arm.then arelife pitcher comes and gets 4 out ,would that be a perfect game? and who would would grt the credit?

  12. Has Sarge been disciplined yet by the Phillies for insulting people during a broadcast about their weight gain or hair loss?

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