The Eagles’ Week 3 Splash Cartoon is Excellent, Features Whoopee Cushion

Splash Page, Week 03 from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

Finally, back to their excellence. Guess it took them a few weeks to get warmed up.

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6 Responses

  1. Is it bad that am a longtime Eagles fan and I hate the Eagles?
    It’s like any attempt to garner laughs from the fans and show whimsy seems so ….. forced.
    I resent that they feel like they are still the big deal in this city.
    Stupid and arrogant yet organized. That’s Andy and this incarnation of the Birds.

  2. Kimse onu kabul etti, bir tatlı Simmer hareket Peki bu yana, o bir çok kişi için kendisine kredi vermek daha daha yetenekli. Sanırım o her zamanki kontrol hattı görevleri karşısında gol çizgisi üzerinde ise, o nokta 40-50 oyuncu olurdum

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