The Phillies Forced Craig Kimbrel into a Long Night of Drinking on Wednesday, Allegedly

Screen Shot 2011-09-30 at 10.04.19 AM Screen Shot 2011-09-30 at 10.05.53 AMPhotojob courtesy of everybody on the internet

Poor guy. I had a feeling those rosy red cheeks came from somewhere.

After blowing the Braves’ season on Wednesday (what? too harsh? ‘tis true), closer Craig Kimbrel went out and had a few drinks. 

And a few more. 

And apparently a few more.

Then he went back to a lady’s place (you think a little season-blowing performance is enough to knock a Major League closer off his game? pssh), where he forgot his wallet. Deadspin has a photo and some more details:

After the game our tipster says a foul-tempered Kimbrel left the ballpark, hit some bars in Buckhead, and proceeded to drink himself into oblivion. Lucky for him he still managed make a new female friend and she invited him back to her place. He obliged. Obliterated and agitated, Kimbrel didn't last too long at the young lady's pad but still managed to forget his wallet, the tipster said.


Tough night for Kimbrel. The Phillies took his Wild Card and, indirectly, his credit card.


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  1. “Kimbrel didn’t last too long…”
    And the small amount of dignity he still had was gone, just like that. Kinda gotta feel bad for the kid.

  2. That chick obviously wasn’t a true baseball fan. Or a baseball fan at all, for that matter. Who the hell would take home the guy who fucked their team’s postseason chances?

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