The Visit Philly Folks Continue to Knock it Out of the Park with Their Ads


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  1. Respect from one mad man to another visit philly! It’s smart as hell, these guys know people are still traveling just alot closer to home. This ad directly target the cities suburbs trying to pull the suburbanites in for the games, to the casinos, downtown, weekend stays etc… it really is pure marketing excellence.

  2. There was one before the Flyers series with the Blackhawks that said something along the lines of:
    “Dear Chicago, What do you have in common with NJ, Boston, and Montreal?
    Hint: You’re about to find out.”
    Literally gave me the goosebumps (let’s not discuss how that series turned out..)
    That entire ad campaign is brilliant.

  3. Can you use the billboard image in your sidebar instead of the unicorn with a rainbow word coming out his crotch? That T-shirt design is butt ugly.

  4. AGAIN
    These ads blow … they are supposed to be for people to VISIT PHILLY.
    People OUTSIDE of philly dont care about the PHILLIES or CHARLIE.
    These ads are retarded

  5. Beez, MM above is pretty spot on. We know a lot of our visitors are regional — a visitor is a visitor no matter how far away they come from. We also have a lot of visitors who are visiting friends and relatives, so it is a benefit to us to engage with the residents who live here who invite their friends/family in. Plus, the Phillies are a just a feel-good team and fun to rally around.

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