This Jim Ross Look-alike Cowboys Fan is Not Happy with Jerry Jones


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  1. It’s nothing more than a big, fancy …….. large ….. catrocity, i’m only half-way through it, but easily the best line of the video

  2. I stand corrected…You bring back…..what rightfully belongs to us, that has been missing for years…that’s the Heisman trophy (around 8:00 mark)

  3. The best part here is that this guy is 1000% correct. If he was normal looking, sounding and wearing a suit and stated this without the insanity level of this video it would be a terrific testament of what is so wrong down in Dallas. We can only that Washington trades DMac to Dallas.

  4. I actually tolerated more of this video than the stupid “wake me up when september ends” video… But they both make me fear for the future of our country.

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