Today’s NY Post Cover Would Like Michael Vick to Stop His Crying

Screen Shot 2011-09-27 at 10.06.27 AM
Oh look, a cheesesteak reference, how original

I'm giddy with New York hate right now. A whole bunch of Giants players quotes right here.

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  1. first off, It’s the post Kyle and when you read the article it seems like the writer does most of the “trash talking”. Seems like they enjoy thier photoshop program up there a little bit too much, that shit hasn’t been funny for quite some time.

  2. Simple fact, Canty’s hit on Vick would be a flag if it were on Eli, Big Ben, Brees, Brady, Peyton, or Rodgers…..thats a fact.
    All other hits were fine, so Giants fans you won the game now go shut up and go back to being irrelevant again.

  3. Regarding the Post, it’s bird cage liner, everybody knows that.
    Regarding the Giant’s Quotes, are they supposed to say “yeah the hits were dirty please fine me.”
    There’s nothing here if you take the writer out of the equation.
    BTW – i’m the biggest Vick hater in the world and i think the hits were late and or dirty. Save your NY hate up for the world series.

  4. Isn’t this the same baby picture they used for Pedro in the 09 Series? They just shopped Starship 7’s head on it. Weak NY Post…shits booty

  5. Put money on Arizona in week 4. Total let down game for the Giants. The Eagles game was their Super Bowl in week 3. That’s how high their aspirations are this year.

  6. typical New York scum
    Tip: whenever having a bad day at work go to youtube. and punch in DeSean Jackson punt return TD. Im pretty sure the entire city is still on suicide watch from that game.
    Week 3 Super Bowl Champs? come on now…

  7. Come on…you wouldn’t expect journalistic integrity coming out of that neck of the woods now, would ya? Besides, it seems pretty evident at this point that New York and class go together about as well as oil and water. Or ice cream and horse shit.

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