Video: Interfering Fans Speak

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Sun Sentinel (quote not part of video):

“The Phillies are 45 games (actually 41) over .500,” Fitzhenry said. “Get over it.”


South Florida students Alex Dicandio and Augie Fitzhenry (Alex and Augie? That's unfortunate) spoke with Mike Berardino of the Sun Sentinel after the game yesterday. The two friends made the drive over from Tampa as part of a “man's weekend.” Cool, guys.


Get over it quote notwithstanding, I’m not sure crucifying these guys is worth the effort. I’ve never caught a ball at a baseball game (save for a freebie from Phil Coke during batting practice of Game 4 of the 2009 World Series). I’ve scrambled for a few, had several hit within a few feet of me, and seen a number of folks lose their footing reaching for one (the dead father in Texas comes to mind). If you’ve ever been in any of those situations, or the conundrum Alex and Augie found themselves in yesterday, then you probably understand that when reaching for a wayward ball hit by a professional baseball player, you temporarily lose all sense of time and place. Human instinct, for most, is to reach for any ball floating in their direction. The balls slice, spin, and hiss their way through the air, turning what at first looked like a lazy pop up – the kind you remember from Little League – into a tightly wound frisbee. What may have looked like a ball destined to land in your lap, quickly becomes an object that evades your grasp. That’s what happened to Alex and Augie.

There’s a reason why we see this time and time again: people simply can’t judge whether a fly ball is going to land in or out of play. Had a stiff breeze sauntered through Sun Life Stadium while Pence’s faux-double spun through the air, the ball would have hit Augie square in the nuts (man's weekend, yo). Instead, the ball sliced about six inches below the yellow line, and, since most awkward college kids aren’t professional baseball players, Alex and Augie reached for the ball, thinking it was fair game. In a way, should MLB overturn the play and allow the game to be replayed from the sixth inning (highly unlikely), their mistake may wind up helping the Phillies. Chances are Bryan Peterson would have caught that ball, anyway. That said, let this serve as a reminder to those of you with first row seats for the playoffs. The circumstance dictates the response…


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  1. Yes, “we could SO get a ball here” has to be first thing that enters one’s mind when sitting in such seats. “We need to NOT interfere with a live ball” SHOULD BE a very close second thought, especially and IF one is a baseball fan. Ballpark Etiquette 101 dictates you understand YOU are most especially NOT part of the game. As much as we don’t want the umpires to be, we sure as hell do not want fans becoming involved.
    Yes, end of day, right call made. Yes, Augie and company (bad 80’s sitcom title?) got famous for a day. No, I don’t hold anything much more against them than failing the test noted above.
    My problem on this one was FAT Joe West did NOT get out and MAKE A CALL TO BEGIN WITH that he should have made; no way you don’t see that interference as soon as it happened if you’re doing your job.
    ‘Marshall Connors’ doesn’t miss that call. (And if you guys don’t know him, look him up… or visit the link in my signature.)

  2. I can solve fan interference. All fans above the age of 6 determined to be interfering with a play are tased and forced to listen to Mike Missanelli

  3. “The balls slice, spin and hiss their way through the air…” Couldn’t have put it any better. SHit gets wild. Where this kid truly fucked up was trying to catch the ball with his hat. Just. Weak.

  4. Agreed, its not even worth the effort. We’re still in first place by a buttload of games, and we’re still a buttload of games over .500….so everybody relax.

  5. Should have let ball come to you..not reach for it!!!If you are a true fan of baseball they would have known that

  6. Yea and if the unthinkable happens and god forbid we pull a “Mets” and completely collapse and lose by ONE game…the theory that “who care were up by a lot” goes right out the window. It’s a million to one chance that we would collapse…but you always have to think about that…

  7. When a ball is coming in your direction at a baseball game, you’re not thinking about what the players are doing or if they might be able to make a play. You’re thinking about what you are going to have to do to catch this ball, and this is regardless of whether or not you are a “true fan of baseball”

  8. Do you think anyone on the Phillies team was thinking “We’re 41 games over .500. I’m over it.”? No.
    They literally cost the Phillies a win and don’t feel the slightest embarrassed by that? They’re not real fans.

  9. Anyone who sits in the first rows edging the field should know not to lean over to catch a ball, period. What is the big deal? Thousands of balls go into the stands, they are worth zip.
    West is lying b/c Manuel never approached him until after the review.

  10. hey Jill you can go to a 1000 baseball games in your lifetime and your chances of catching a ball in the stands are still minimal.
    after watching the video the two people are not fans of the phillies or very intelligent fans of any team.

  11. Kyle you actually disappoint me by not ripping these dickbags a new one. If you sit in seats then you have to know not to reach into the field of play. Like someone else said wait for the ball to come to you. Ignore the fact that these guys made the “get over it” comment, we true fans want to win every game! We understand giving up a loss b/c the offense didn’t show up or cole didnt have his a game, but to lose b/c some ignorant cock suckers interfered is something no fan should have to deal with or get over. Fuck the both of yous

  12. These simple minded boys actually seemed to enjoy the interview, showed not remorse, and came off as almost cocky. “We’ll see what happens” (with our fame). I can think of what should happen if they ever enter Citizen’s Bank Park.

  13. Man, fuck that Augie dude. He’s a Braves fan and a Phillies fan (wearing a Howard jersey, no less)? That’s not possible in my world. He probably grew up a Braves fan when that team dominated the East and jumped ship right about three years ago when the Phillies won the WS. What a POS, for real.

  14. “We’ll see what happens?” WTF? They actually think they are going to profit from this? They’ve watched too much reality t.v. Even if it was a mistake (and a thoughtless one at that), they should still have apologized and have been embarrassed afterward. If these proles were son’s of mine, I would be ashamed of their lack of character. They clearly do not belong in the Delaware Valley.

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