Video: Nike Trailer for New NFL Uniforms

Somewhere, our resident uniform expert, Dan Fuller, needs a clean pair of shorts. 

Fist bump to Darren Rovell


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  1. Great. Thanks a lot Nike and KS. After watching this clip, I stood up, looked around my office for the closest person standing, and tackled them through a cubicle partition. “Not good”.

  2. No new shorts needed here. Show me some actual uniforms and we’ll talk. All of the shots were of college uniforms (because, you know, the Pro Combat series is so universally loved…) and dramatically lit football-ish scenes.
    This won’t be as big a deal as when Reebok did the Edge jersey thing in the NHL (and even then, most teams just moved their existing designs into the new template).
    We just need to hope that if Nike’s new template provides lots of spots for panels (think previous Bills jerseys, Titans, Cardinals) that teams are responsible in their application of current design into the new template.

  3. The whole time they were doing the whole “FAST, FASTER; STRONG, STRONGER; EXPLOSIVE, NUCLEAR” thing, I was really expecting it to end with
    How much do you think they even change uniform designs? all new jersey designs for everyone? or most teams go classic design but with a nike patch instead?

  4. On the subject of uniforms, could you fantasy football nerds stop wearing your starting QB’s jersey to the bar while cheering for the Eagles, it’s very fuckin annoying. Grow a pair of balls, find a bookie and bet a game, losers. Hint, he’s the relly old ethnic dude sitting at the end of the bar talking to the owner, social retards.

  5. @MM are you marshall mathers? you’re so angry, you must be cool!
    or is your ethnic bookie taking all of your rent money?

  6. @k awesome…i had to sit with my kid and his buddies the other day, (out on 8 mile) you’re trying to drink and they’re randonmly screeching cause Flaco throws a td on the split screen, a good IPA comes shooting out your nose, all for $200 in “prize money”.

  7. Heres hoping the eagles get rid of their midnight green jerseys in favor of the old school brighter green ones?

  8. The bulk of teams we wont see a difference, maybe slight tweaks here and there. Think Packers, Steelers, Bears etc…
    But nike is going to push a lot of teams to make a switch. Seahawks are the only confirmed team, Nike is slobbering because of neon green ha. Other teams they push for are teams that have stars, preferably those that they have contracts with, or just crappy uniforms.
    I believe the Eagles will be at the top of Nike’s wish list. We have two of the most explosive players in the NFL (Desean & Vick) and they both happen to be sponsored by Nike.
    There is most likely going to be a big Nike unveiling next April. And they’ll want at least 10 new uniforms to head the event. If I were to guess I’d say….
    Eagles, Death to Midnight Teal
    Vikings, Current ones suck + Peterson is w/ Nike
    Cardinals, ditto, instead of AP they have Fitzgerald
    Panthers, Need an update
    Bengals, Nike + Tiger stripes, they can’t resist
    Ravens, Ravens are black, tone down the purple
    Falcons, not a rich Uni history could be better
    Chargers, ditto. Powder blues maybe?
    Bucs Titans, Broncos I could see making a switch too

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