Video of Pence’s Overturned Double with Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson on the Call


Larry Anderson was actually reserved, mostly because he didn't know the rule.

There are two ways to look at this: 1) You can only review for a home run- meaning that Jack McKeon would have had to ask Joe West to review Pence's double to see if it was a home run. From there, West could, according to a former umpire, make any call while in the process of reviewing. A ballsy, perhaps genius request by McKeon. Or, West reviewed on his own, though that didn't appear to be the case. 2) McKeon asked West to review for fan interference on a double- something that is not reviewable. It's hard to know since there's nothing in the rule book. Another Bud Selig boner.


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  1. Cowboy. Joe. Buck. Watching this game at a bar in Boulder, CO. Had to go to the mall yesterday to get my glasses repaired, saw both a Howard T-uni and a Nnamdi and Desean jerseys. The front-running is official, it’s spread to the suburbs of Denver. I’ve walked around with my well-worn Phils cap on and gotten nothing but shit from locals, the nation is divided between haters and front runners

  2. Cowboy Joe claims Charlie asked for a replay.
    Charlie insists he did not.
    I know who I believe.

  3. This is complete bullshit. 1st of all, the rule is that you can only review FAIR or FOUL home run calls. How is this even close to being a foul ball? Second of all, how can you assume he makes the catch? Unless it’s in the Marlins’ ground rules, then any fan interference, whether or not a fielder is present is an out.


  5. Between this and what happened to Scotland I’ve had a horrible sports weekend. And all because of officials, sigh

  6. I thought the coaches were the only people who could request a review? These umps were pathetic, probably pissed there were only phillies fans in the stadium!

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