Video: Pete Orr Almost Gets Run Over by a Sausage

Pete Orr almost got decapitated by a sausage tonight in Milwaukee. That is all. There are really no other words needed.

Of course, it looks like Juan Samuel had a bit of a better time with the Brewers’ in-game entertainment:


Now would be a good time to tell you a story relayed to me by my childhood friend, who was a former Phillies draft pick and played in the Orioles’ system while Samuel was their third base coach. He spent some time in the showers with Sammy during spring training a few years back and had this to say about the Phillies’ current third base coach: “touches the floor.”

That girl knew exactly what she was doing. Also, you’ll never look at Sammy the same way. You’re welcome. 


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  1. Kyle, with a title of the article and the subsequent Juan Samuel tidbut I was kind of expecting the video to show Pete Orr almost getting run over by Juan Samuels’ sausage. Bad form I know…I should probably leave now.

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