Videos: The Flyers and Rangers Hate Each Other, Simmonds Calls Avery a “F#$$ot”

Oh HBO is going to have fun with this.

Here's Tom Sestito hitting Andre Deveaux from behind. Also, keep a close eye on the sucker punch Sean Avery delivers to Wayne Simmonds at the :25 second mark. That punch prompted pussy and faggot comments from Simmonds, both of which can be seen after the jump.

This summer, Avery endorsed gay marriage. So, whether Simmonds meant anything by his comment or not, this is going to turn into a big deal.

Simmonds calling Avery a pussy:

… and a faggot

Of course, Avery has been known to use racial slurs. Here's his former teammate, Alex Frolov, in April.

Thanks to reader Tyler for passing along: [NBC]

Q: Why does everyone hate Avery?
AF: It’s not hate, it’s… He has a specific role, he is a pretty unique man and he likes to do, let’s say, extravagant things. Sometimes they’d be bordering on the forbidden. He isn’t a fool. Lately he has become calmer, smarter. Before he’d get swept away with emotions and do something stupid. To mention each and every one of his stunts… Something always happens around him, it’s a part of his job. He needs to be talked about. He loves it, he feels at home in the spotlight. Sometimes he called opponents “black monkeys.” He did a lot of things, I can’t remember all of them. 



Here's Avery after the game. Quotes courtesy of the Flyers:

Q: Did he call you what we think he called you? 

“Well, yeah.”

Q: Is he going to say that there was anything as a precursor?

“I mean, I certainly hope not. Are you implying that it would be from something that I said?” 

No, I was just asking.   

“No, I mean from my end. I certainly wasn’t.”

Q: Are you familiar with what happened with him last week? 

“Yeah, it is really disappointing. First of all, who would do that? And why would you do it? It just such an unnecessary thing. It’s something that’s not even an issue with us or our sport. So to be here now and having to answer your questions about what he did is disappointing for me.”

Q: Do you feel like when someone does something like that they should be treated in a similar context  (inaudible)?

“I mean Kobe got fined 100 grand. Everything is different now. You know, it’s an issue. It is an issue that people are dealing with and trying to overcome. And I guess ten years ago, maybe it was not such an issue. But it is such an issue politically with people in the game and just in life in general.”

Q: Is there concern that you were kind of vocal with the video you did this summer that players will come back against you? 

“I mean, it has been said. It has been said for years. Whether I thought about it in that sense, I don’t know.”

Q: So, you think he just said it out of emotion?

“I can’t. I have no idea.”

Q: Would you like to see the league take a stand on this?

“That’s something that I’m not really going to comment on. First of all, me commenting on things like that, the backlash that I could receive is unknown and I don’t want to put the team in a situation where they would have to deal with something because of me wanting to see something happen. So, I’m not going to get into it.”


Race, homophobic slurs, fighting… HBO will have their hands full this winter.

Anothony Sanfilippo of the Delco Times did a nice job of putting all of this into context– this is par for the course with hockey players. Avery just happens to be a punk and talked to the media about it.

Videos via Ryan Lambert and (@ianhirsthermans)


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  1. Oh yeah…I hate all Rangers and fans….I cant wait for Jan 2…hopefully we embarrass them on our home(Phillies) ice….ha!!

  2. No way to put that in a good light for Simmonds. He had everyone in his corner and fucked it up. Bad move.

  3. great blog thanks for pulling all this stuff. damn cant wait for things to start heating up!! avery is such a dumb piece of shit. simmonds would own him just like evander kane owned matt cooke. for a second i thought it was avery that he one punched (

    sorry confused my goons.

  4. I don’t think this will blow up as all expect. The symbolism a banana is much stronger than words exchanged in the heat of battle. If people think that Simmonds’ words were to be associated with the gay population then you’re delusional. It’s an insult that’s become common place, and it’s terrible to say. That’s life. We must come to terms with that fact that some of the most heavy insults have little to no connection with their actual meaning.
    Avery’s a loser that has a history of slagging off African-Americans. If Simmonds gets fined I will be livid. Much, much worse things are said.
    This will blow over.
    To think that people aren’t going to be on Wayne’s side because of an insult directed at one of the biggest clowns in the league is ludicrous.
    People really need to get seats close to the ice. We act surprised when we see these insults live, but c’mon.. hasn’t anyone been to a pick up basketball game in the city before? Words are said, it’s a game.

  5. i hate avery just as much as the next person but lets focus on simmonds for a second…isnt this the same guy who had some ignorant fan mock him bc of his race? and after the game simmonds says he’s “above that”. hmm he’s above mocking people due to race but when it comes to sexual orientation?? welllll he may not be “above” that. u almost had people feel sorry for u simmonds…almost

  6. Did anyone else hear avery in the beginning of the first period say he was going to f**king kill giriox?? It was right after the rinaldo hit. But that’s ok? He’s nothing put a punk!!

  7. Simmonds didnt call Avery a faggot because he was being gay, he called him a faggot because he was being a faggot.

  8. I have sat behind the penalty box many times and it is pretty common to hear the word “faggot” after a fight. It has nothing to do with Sean Avery’s comments. Ask any of the NHL officials who sit in the box with the players.

  9. Yikes! Did anybody see Miss Piggy at 1:08?:

    I wonder if they needed a crowbar to get her out of her seat. Wally Kurtz said it best:

    Anyway, I don’t understand this ludachris PC bullshyte with the word “faggot” of late. Back on the other side of the pond we don’t neccessarily use it to refer to only poofs, but it is more of a term to apply to nutty goofball types; and “fag” if course is an accepted term for a cigarette. Perhaps being former subjects to Ye Olde Empire, maybe all these Chukhead Canucks use the term in the same way. Anyway, if I “walked that way” (not with me balls I don’t), I’d be more pissed if someone called me “queer” or a “fairie”.

  10. Well said villadelph.. couldn’t agree more. People are always looking for something to complain about when they have a few skeletons in the closet themselves. Losers can be anyone they want on a blog.. get a life fools.

  11. People….People…..
    When will you learn that in today’s world the word “faggot” means something along the lines of douchebag. Words change over time and you don’t have to look to far for an example.. Gay used to mean happy, and it still does but no one associates it with that anymore.
    Get over it

  12. @Daniel Spencer…you are insane to think it was a slur used to degrade someone for their sexual preference. The word F****t is used all the time in society and 99% of the times we don’t mean it by it’s pure definition. Get off your high horse for 30 seconds and realize his intention with the use. Clearly you are a racist who was waiting for their opportunity to for blacklash (see what I did there?) on Simmonds.
    Is PETA going to be up in arms now too cause he called Avery a p***y? Isn’t that a degrading way to refer to a house cat? Let’s be honest here, in the heat of battle we all use the word f****t to refer to someone who we feel deserve the term (not a gay reference). There is a gray area here but when it comes to throwing a banana there is no gray area, that’s flat out racist, uncalled for, and publicly embarrassing for the player, the sport but most resoundingly society. These two incidents are not comparable nor are they to be related.
    Oh yea and Avery attacked our 18 year old rookie who has skated in a grand total of 4 NHL preseason games, so yea you know what, Avery is a f****t and so is anyone else who is offended by this “news”.

  13. We as a people always talk about how we have changed as a society in 2011, yet fail to have our ideas progress with time. People don’t like change, I get it. And while there is no place for throwing a banana at a black player, be it 1961, 2011, or 2050, we need to change with the times.
    Faggot, in this sense, is not a slur against the gay lifestyle. And while I sympathize with gay folks who hear the term and cringe, it is reeeeally not a term simmonds is using to offend anyone. He was simply calling Avery out for sucker-punching him under the pile, a move that only a “faggot” would pull.

  14. As a follow up, I’m not sure how many readers of this blog have played hockey, but faggot might be the nicest thing anyone says on the ice. 24/7 will hopefully show more of the stuff thats really said in the heat of the game.

  15. Players in every sport say this shit all the time. Ever listen to a driver’s channel when they wreck in Nascar. The stuff that is spewed is not repeatable. I’m not condoning what Simmonds said, or what Avery said in return. It’s the heat if the moment. Can’t we move on?

  16. Avery asked simmonds if he still had the banana and could he have it if he wasn’t gonna eat it. What was “chocolate tochett” supposed to say?

  17. Clean hit. The Deveaux (sp*) stepped up in front of where Sestito was going. I mean, Tom was making an aggressive bee-line to the corner there, and Deveaux got up and stepped right in front of him. So yeah, maybe it looked dirty but I don’t think there was any malintent on Sestito’s part.

  18. “Faggot” means “sissy”… SO why not just say “sissy”?
    Because it doesn’t sting as much. I wonder why?

  19. Hey Kyle Scott,
    Why not do some actual investigation and discover that Frolov subsequently denied ever saying that Avery used racist slurs and that he was misquoted.
    Sloppy journalism is why you’re stuck on some website that nobody would have even seen if it weren’t for being linked by an actual reputable website.

  20. Awwwww, does the Big Bad Truth hurt, Mr. Avery? Is that why you are making an issue out of an otherwise non-issue? ‘Cause the remark is hitting a little too close to home? Is that why you’re whining, Mr. Avery? It can’t be because you cheap shot players and then skate away and turtle when confronted by a righteously infuriated opponent. No, no, no, it CAN’T be your behavior that causes your opponents to disparage you with insulting remarks. Mr. Avery, you are lucky someone doesn’t Matt Cooke you and end your submoronic hockey career, you pathetic, spineless buffoon. So, take it easy there, Little Boy Blue, and have a nice cup of STFU.

  21. To the Philly fans…have some cheese with your Wine! You are Broad Street Hoodlums now, have been, and will be forever. Your Goon style hockey is bad for the game and bad for sport. I hope Rangers embarrass you come Jan 2nd and each and every game this season. You will be fortunate to finish with an even win/loss record!

  22. Sean a vey has been c.aloes the worst teammate ever and is one of the dirtiest players in the league, why should anything he say hold any merit. And the new York reporters that took this public are big pussy’s.

  23. Can someone tell me where in these clips Wayne drops the F bomb? I see him call him a P***y, but thats it…Maybe I’m missing something

  24. What is dissapointing, is Brian Burke commenting on this situation, and saying that calling someone a faggot is just as bad as a racial slur. bullshit. calling someone a faggot, is about the same as calling them an asshole. calling someone the ‘n’ word is not even CLOSE, and cuts much deeper. Burke’s comment concerns me. He is an NHL executive. That kind of mentality absolutely proves that he is a racist himself.

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