Videos: The Greatest Moments in Philly Sports History, A Look Inside the Phanatic’s Locker Room

 on YouTube put together a 10-minute highlight reel of – his opinion – the greatest moments in Philly sports history. He loses significant points for the Rocky music, but hey, at least he remixed it. Watch it before MLB goes all Ray Bradbury on it.

After the jump, a look inside the Phanatic's locker room, thanks to the Daily News.



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  1. Really cool video, although it is biased to recent events. I do not consider the Cliff Lee signing a great moment in Philly sports as he isn’t even the best pitcher on his own team.

  2. @Harry it is a great moment in Philly history as he turned down more money from NY team to come to Philly.

  3. whats with all the vick highlights against the redskins? what about the chuck bednarik hit? what about the flying dawkins? most importantly where the hell are the flyers stanley cup celebrations? i would much rather see the flyers stanley cup championship over vick highlights against the redskins. and yes the cliff signing was awesome, one of the best moments in the philadelphia sports history, not yet. it will be when they have highlights of him with the world series trophies, until than it is not.

  4. Good video but left out so much. Would be better to hear the announcers and not the music. Grade C+

  5. Hahahahah the only reason you put that video up is because it shows Vanillanova beating Gtowne. That’s not a greatest moments in Philly sports history. It may not even be a great moment. Maybe for the school (except when compared to the Gators, Duke, UCLA, etc.), but not for the entire city/area.

  6. that stinkin ass philly fanatic has the greatest job in the world… gets paid 6 figures to block peoples view of the game and if you want to have the phanatic at your kids party it is not even the same dude that performs at the games.

  7. What’s all the hate on the Rocky music? It’s part of Philly..better than hearing all the NY crap we had to endure for years>

  8. the comeback against the b’s in game 7 will always be up there for me. i dont think the guy who made this video was putting everything in order but that comeback has to be in the top 3.

  9. entertaining and fun – but mid-season game vs Skins – greatest moments in history
    No # 5 ? No Randall? No Schmidt, Rose, Bull, Carlton, McGraw – Lenny, Kruk, Dutch
    c’mon ?

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