Villanova Applied to Join ACC

Jay_wright_erin_andrewsWhere do we go?


Lost in the craziness of the Phillies clinching the NL East and the Eagles dropping a deuce in Atlanta is the story about Pittsburgh and Syracuse making a money grab with the ACC (because when I think Atlantic Coast, I think Syracuse, New York).

The fallout is going to be enormous. As a Villanova alum, I’ve long been worried about the possibility of 1-A football schools leaving for greener pastures. Syracuse and Pitt (two of the top five basketball programs in the Big East) will join former Big East members, Boston College, Miami, and Virginia Tech, in the ACC. That leaves Villanova in a dying conference. One that they’re trying to get out of, according to the Orlando Sun Sentinel: [via The Nova Blog]

 ACC Commissioner John Swofford said during a teleconference Sunday the league received more than 10 applications from schools hoping to join the league. Orlando Sentinel sources confirmed multiple Big East members applied to join the league, including Villanova.


Ironically, Villanova’s foot-dragging in their flirtations with Big East football may now make it easier for them to leave the conference… or what’s left of it.

But there’s a problem: Where do they go?

Without a 1-A football team, it’s unlikely the ACC would have a use for a small catholic school that relied heavily on the power of its conference to recruit teenagers to play their home games in a 6,500-seat arena

The concept of a “Catholic League", with schools like Villanova, Georgetown, St. Johns, Seton Hall, Xavier, and Marquette, has long been discussed, but it would likely find itself on the level of the Atlantic 10 conference, not the Big East. That means Villanova’s recent success (and top ten rankings) would go away almost instantly.

Other options would likely be variations of the "Catholic League," in which schools with solid basketball programs and virtually non-existent or less-than-high-profile football programs banded together to form their own, soon-to-be-overlooked conference. 

– stomps foot –

Warning: I'm shooting boastful Temple and St. Joes commenters on sight.


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  1. I wish I would have went to Temple. Playing in the new big east is worst then playing in the Mountain West.

  2. Just my thoughts…
    This wouldn’t be a bad 12-team basketball conference: (mix of Big East, A 10, CAA)
    St. Joseph’s
    St. John’s
    Seton Hall
    George Mason

  3. LOL you can replace Erin Andrews above with Dei Lynam and Neil Hartman now. Temple is more likely to have a successful ACC application now than Nova. With the Linc as a home venue and what is perceived to be an up and coming football program, they make a much more appealing partner than Nova. Nova has few good options and won’t get a competitive 1A program operational for five years even if they decided to do so. UConn will be next you can bet since they did what Nova needed to do years ago and invested in a FBS program.
    In fact UConn & Temple would be logical choices for the ACC if they want to quickly move to 16 teams. The Philly market is a glaring gap for the ACC right now along the eastern seaboard and UConn is close enough to NYC to make them very appealing.
    My disdain for Nova aside, I grew up watching the great Big East era of the 80’s when it first exploded and think it’s a shame that this type of hardcore northeast basketball conference will go the way of the dinosaur because of the greed and excess of college football.
    The corrupt and idiotic system that is the BCS bowl system is entirely to blame for this phenomenon. AD’s and conference commissioners were allowed to take over college athletics while university presidents sat blindly by and let it happen.

  4. I’m a Pitt student. Anyone who says they wouldn’t do exactly what we did is lying. It was obvious that the point BE was falling apart. Had nothing to do with money, Pitt just wanted to make sure they had a seat before this game of conference musical chairs ended.

  5. As a VT student, I’m personally happy about bringing in Pitt and ‘Cuse, But I hope to God that we don’t bring in Rutgers. Yes, I understand the NYC market is a good thing to have but the ACC doesn’t need markets it needs competitive programs. Adding Pitt and ‘Cuse gives the ACC two perennial top 10 Basketball programs and a Pitt football program that has a historical background. My top 4 schools that I’d like to see to added now to the ACC are as follows. West Virginia, Adds a perennial top 25 Football and Basketball program to the ACC as well as adds these beautiful things known as rivalries WVU-VT and WVU-Pitt. UConn, Adds a good Basketball program and a Football program that is on the rise, as well as a school that competes for the NYC market and has ESPN all up on it’s jock. USF, Adds a rising Football program and makes sense geographically due to the locales of most of the other schools in the ACC.
    I will say the newly added schools shifts what is considered to be the center of the ACC from the North Carolina Area a little further north. This will create a problem for ACC Championship events which finally found what should be their permanent homes in the Charlotte and Greensboro areas.

  6. St. Joe’s and Temple fans shot on sight. La Salle fans allowed to continue our miserable existence since we can’t be found.

  7. What is TCU going to do? They moved to the Big East to be in a power conference, and now it’s going to die. I’d be EXTREMELY pissed off right now if I was TCU’s AD.

  8. If you take away the last ten years, Villanova basketball belongs in a conference on the level of the A10.
    How the fuck do you ignore 10 years? obviously they weren’t that good in the 90s but is the 1985 National Championship slipping your memory?

  9. Rutgers and Temple to the ACC. Philly & New York (sorta) markets. The league would have Boston, NYC, Philly, Balt/DC, Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta & Miami in their fold. Nobody could touch that in terms of marketing potential. If they decided to go to 18 teams and somehow got ND to join UConn at some point they could just tell the BCS to F-off and have their own conference playoff and championship and declare themselves national champions.

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