What if Chase Utley was a Cookie?

Chase_utley_cakesI'm the meanest fucking cake around

I'm not too into the whole oh em gee our athletes look like food trend – if there is such a thing – but the folks over at Hugging Harold Reynolds have pictures of a bunch of Phillies designed cakes. And, since it's Friday and you like cake, I offer you up this link. Not surprisingly, the Cliff Lee cake looks like Donkey from Shrek.

UPDATE: According to Stacy in the comments, these are 4 x 6 sugar cookies. I make a peace with the baking gods.

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22 Responses

  1. Is it bad that this turns me on slighty… I may have just mixed food cravings and sexual ones… I have issues….

  2. most of those cakes resemble 1930s era mugshots. (Except Ryan Howard’s, his looks like Salvador Dali may have intervened in the rendition.)
    “A+” for effort, but “C” for execution.
    Ruiz was probably the best and most true to his appearance. Cliff Lee looked like a fugitive from a chain gang.

  3. Polanco is missing the alien head shape, ryan howard looks like a 1930s black-splotation film star, cliff looks like a younger version of that farm couple painting with the pitch fork
    and Halladay looks like Rocky after a few rounds with Clubber Lang, chase utley does look like mike myers, and shane looks like an asian Dwayne The Rock Johnson, hunter pence looks like Cleatus the slack jawed yockal from Simpson, all he needs is a little hobo hankerchief sack tied to the bat, and he could be a bum… But chooch, he actually looks good…. love Chooch, needless to say i looked at each one of them and would eat EVERY SINGLE CAKE! not in one sitting of course!

  4. i actually thought they were all pretty amazing. trying to draw a person with a pencil is hard enough, go try to smear some icing and make it look like a circle, let alone a professional athlete.

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