Yeah, Jody Shelley’s Probably Going to Get Suspended for This Hit

Jody Shelley hit Darryl Boyce of the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight… it wasn't exactly legal, especially in the wake Brandan Shanhan's edict on checks to the head.

But hey, we're talking about hockey again. That's cool, right?

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  1. what a loser. get off the effing ice dude. the only reason why the flyers keep you is because they are one of the only teams left that think that hitting and intimidation actually can win cups. well, they cant…the broad st bullies were over 35 years ago, its over. Shelley sucks and shouldnt be on a roster. he is completely worthless

  2. Bad hit but at what point will players realize that standing still in that spot is, you know, sort of risky.

  3. Its so funny we get rid of Zherdev who doesn’t play defense and doesn’t back check for a guy who gets suspended and is 100 times worse then him…another AMAZING call homer!! I’d rather have a guy like Z who scores 15 goals a season for a dude who does NOTHING…and we have him for what? Enforcement? He gets his ass best 9 times outta 10….he is deff WORTHLESS…

  4. Why would he get suspended for a standard boarding call? And, what does this have to do with hits to the head? Shelley (Frankensteins’ monsters’ monster, as I like to call him) clearly had his arm tucked down at his side when he delivered what would have been a clean hit if the opposing player hadn’t been facing the boards.
    Learn hockey son.

  5. He’ll definitely get suspended, the question is how long. I’m guessing he is the new posterchild for how to get a 10 game suspension (beginning October 6 of course). And he should be. That hit was bad and shouldn’t be in the game. It’s how we lose good – and great – players.
    This isn’t the way to try and earn a roster spot Jody. To do that see Read, Matt, Rinaldo, Zach, or Hyka, Tomas.

  6. I used to like Shelley… but he’s worthless now. He can’t even fight. He constantly gets his ass beat, it makes him look like even MORE of a jackass when he bleeds almost every time he scraps.

  7. “But hey, we’re talking about hockey again.” Really Kyle? when did you stop talking about hockey

  8. I don’t care if these fourth-line goons are “good guys in the locker room” who “inspire their teammates.” If you can’t play a preseason game with a modicum of restraint or respect for the sport or its players, you don’t deserve the privilege of being overpayed to play a sport for a career. Give Shelley 10 games, politely advise him to consider retirement, and hire him as a Phantoms assistant. We don’t need trash like him on the ice or the bench.

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