Your Late Afternoon Injury Roundup: Vick Reportedly Cleared to Play, Pence Doing Better

Vick_bermanYes, that's Chis Berman, excellent photo by Les Bowen

Michael Vick participated in practice today. With a helmet. With pads. This seemed to fascinate the beat reporters. Vick didn't speak with them after practice… however, Reuben Frank reports that Vick has passed all tests and been medically cleared to play on Sunday. Excellent.

Some good news on Hunter Pence, too. Kevin Cooney with your update:

Screen Shot 2011-09-22 at 4.17.30 PMSwell.

UPDATE: Pro Football Talk has been told Vick is not cleared to play in the game, though that likely isn't far off.


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  1. you know tonights lineup has Orr, Bowker, and Gload in it. How in the world can you tell me that this team wants to win this game tonight with that lineup? I guess ole Charlie will finally play the “regulars when we are in NY or Atlanta ? or will he actually wait until the playoffs start to put his regular lineup in? makes no sense to me.

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