Albert Pujols is Crying About the Start Time


I was waiting. I was waiting for someone to complain about the shadows, which, oh by the way, were present in both the top and bottom of innings last night. Ladies and gentlemen, Albert Pujols (POO-holes, according to ESPN- really): 

"We can't do anything about it," said Pujols, who had four hits, including three doubles. "We've been talking all year long, there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe if we were the New York Yankees maybe we would have played an 8 [p.m.] game today. It is what it is. I just don't understand when we play a 4 [p.m.] game. The league knows we have tough shadows out there, but there's nothing you can do. They're making their money, they're paying their money. I guess they put the game time however they want it."


Ah yes, because the if we were the Yankees argument always works.

Dude, doesn’t he know this is Cole Hamels’ thing, to complain about the start times of NLDS games? While Pujols has a point, both teams had to deal with the shadows, and one can certainly argue that they benefitted a slightly above average pitcher (read: Garcia, HI MEE) more than they did the all-star, Hamels.

In Game 2, it was the Cardinals who complained about Jerry Meals strike zone, even though his questionable judgement hurt the Phillies more. Now it’s the shadows. I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the squirrel yet. Really, I am.

Thanks to reader Brett for that screen grab from Game 1


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  1. I agree with him, that the shadows were a freaking joke! i couldnt see the fucking ball for like the first 3 innings and that was on TV. but at the same time, thats just the way it is albert, the rest of the schedule is set around the yankees in prime time. And this brings me to a larger point, the cardinals, as a franchise are a bunch of cry baby pussies. I have always heard the rumors about that from other blogs and from “insiders” but it is starting to become painfully obvious that they complain and whine about everything.

  2. The best player of the last decade can complain about whatever he wants. It’s a valid argument and the dude still had four hits.

  3. Dream… his complaining ‘about whatever he wants’ cost the Phillies game 2. Go back and watch. His second at bat, he is called out on strikes and argues. The following half inning, on his way back in to the duggout, he stopped and continued the conversation, in a more friendly manner, with the home plate ump. They finished up with Albie giving a pat on the back, and come the top of the 4th (I believe it was the 4th anyway), Cliff Lee’s pissing of excelence was reduced because the strike zone was virtually cut in half.
    I have no issue admitting that he’s the top first baseman in the game. Anyone who thinks for a second that Ryan Howard is better either offensively OR defensively is blind to the sport as a whole. But being the best doesn’t give you free reign to say and do whatever you want. Tony and Albie BOTH should have been tossed from game 2. It’s supposed to be an automatic ejection for arguing ball/strike calls. The fact that LaRussa is one of the sports ‘beloved’ managers, and Albert is one of the best and most loved players shouldn’t give them a free pass to have diarrhea of the mouth whenever something doesn’t go their way.

  4. Does Pooholes realize that both teams have to deal with the shadows? The Cardinals are just making excuses. I haven’t heard the Phillies complain about Jerry Meals or the start times. Champions don’t make excuses they take accountability. (see Cliff Lee NLDS Game 2 and Rule #71- No excuses, play like a champion)

  5. On a side note… Did the jerkoffs in the picture piss anyone else off Saturday? Seriously. You wanna talk about an entrance exam for anyone sitting where the camera may possibly pick them up? These “ILLy PHans”, through the first few innings, managed to stand up from time to time, with their towels, DIRECTLY BEHIND HOME PLATE, while Halladay was in mid-windeup. Literally. He’d bring his left leg up for the kick, and these tools would stand up. Talk about distractions.

  6. Well they have another twilight game today, so maybe he’s already psyching himself and the team out. Seems like an odd time to bitch about it when you have a game at roughly the same time the next day. And it’s not like it affected him that much anyway.

  7. It his team’s stadium, and a problem they knew about….shouldn’t it be fixed? And shouldn’t we be the ones complaining?

  8. Why didn’t the Cardinals, knowing how bad the shadows were going to be, say something to MLB and try to get the start time changed?

  9. They were too stuck on getting the arch to be viewed in the outfield, forgot about common sense when they engineered it. Now obviously both teams have to play there, but I imagine it would actually be a benefit to the cardinals to atleast a small degree – homefield. They probably play a handful of games each year with the sun like that, they should have a bit of a better grasp on it than an incoming team.

  10. Remember when Alby got caught raping that homeless guy behind a St Louis bar back in ’04? Little known story, but it’s true. Tell your friends.

  11. This doesn’t make sense considering the Cardinals had more hits in the game and frankly looked much stronger at the plate. This just sounds like sour grapes…poor form from Albert. Guess he learns it from the manager.

  12. would love to know how the MLB can insure better home plate umpires that can call a fair and consistent strike zone. Especially during the playoffs where every pitch is crucial. It seems ridiculous when the announcers are comparing one pitch to the last in relation to what they see on that grid. Frustrating. Go Phils!! The Cards are tough, especially with the bat, but it all makes for gut wrenching moments at this point in the season.

  13. Zacaraiah Jones: To answer your question about why the Cards didn’t say anything to MLB about getting the start time changed is because MLB doesn’t run baseball during the playoffs, television does, and there was no way in hell TBS was going to bump the Yankees out of the prime time slot for anyone. The only other option would’ve been to start the game earlier, say at 2 or 3 p.m. As for Albert, he needs a binkie and a timeout, I mean, he DID manage four hits under those “intolerable” conditions. Two words, Mr. Pujols: Shut. Up.

  14. Albert Pujols can say whatever he wants. He’s Albert effing Pujols. He makes a valid point and I agree with him. It’s BS the Yankees get all the primetime slots.

  15. He’s completely right that if it were the Yankees itd be primtime. They always get primetime games and they should. TBS is in it to make money and the Yankees make them the most money. Sucks for the rest of us but it is what it is. Although, with late starts people will complain the game goes too late too. Can’t please everyone.

  16. @wers, cole hamels was complaining a few years ago when the start time was at 107pm on like a fucking tuesday, thats way different. I see the main problem cole talking about was 1)players being used to night games and 2)the fans being the ones hurt by shitty schedules. I mean not EVERYONE can get off for tuesday and wendsday mid day games!

  17. One more thing: Pujols has been playing in the new Busch Stadium since it opened in 2006, and you mean to tell me yesterday was the FIRST time he had to deal with shadows there? In SIX YEARS? Give me a freaking break! Again, Albert: Shut. Up.

  18. He should just STFU. The Phillies sticking a fork in the Braves on the last day of regular season play is one of the reasons why you are even playing in the NLDS at all instead of being 50/50 on booking your vacation back to your DR homeland. So just roll with it. Shyte, it’s the losers who make the excuses, no?
    Hey Alberta, You wanna play in prime time? Take a big pay cut and go play for the Stankees.
    Wait a minute… Stankees? Pujols? “Stankee Pujols” Hahahahahah

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