I was waiting. I was waiting for someone to complain about the shadows, which, oh by the way, were present in both the top and bottom of innings last night. Ladies and gentlemen, Albert Pujols (POO-holes, according to ESPN- really): 

"We can't do anything about it," said Pujols, who had four hits, including three doubles. "We've been talking all year long, there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe if we were the New York Yankees maybe we would have played an 8 [p.m.] game today. It is what it is. I just don't understand when we play a 4 [p.m.] game. The league knows we have tough shadows out there, but there's nothing you can do. They're making their money, they're paying their money. I guess they put the game time however they want it."


Ah yes, because the if we were the Yankees argument always works.

Dude, doesn’t he know this is Cole Hamels’ thing, to complain about the start times of NLDS games? While Pujols has a point, both teams had to deal with the shadows, and one can certainly argue that they benefitted a slightly above average pitcher (read: Garcia, HI MEE) more than they did the all-star, Hamels.

In Game 2, it was the Cardinals who complained about Jerry Meals strike zone, even though his questionable judgement hurt the Phillies more. Now it’s the shadows. I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the squirrel yet. Really, I am.

Thanks to reader Brett for that screen grab from Game 1