Andy Reid Continues to Fluff the National Media


Andy Reid is a smart man. Or a jackass. One or the other.

This morning, Big Red stopped by the Constitution Center – home of Kim Delaney’s slurred Liberty Medal speech - to visit Mike and Mike, who were broadcasting from Philly today as part of their fall football tour. 

Reid came bearing gifts: Eagles jerseys for the Mikes.

Jeez, I'd imagine that all the local radio guys get from Reid during an interview is a couple of lingering stink bombs. Not jerseys. No way do they get jerseys.

And, oh, hey, speaking of ESPN radio, I was on 97.3 in South Jersey with Mike Gill yesterday. He has a great show, with constant lineup of A-list guests… and me. You can listen to the audio after the jump.

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  1. Andy Reid is a jackass, a big huge jackass.
    I am a new daily reader to your site, it is awesome, keep up the great work.

  2. He brought them multiple gifts if you count the cheesesteaks too. I’m not kidding, he brought them cheesesteaks in the beginning (at 6:30am, the perfect cheesesteak time) and then he gave them jerseys at the end.

  3. I know this was kind of cheezy but I weirdly enjoyed that segment. Can’t knock national talking heads repoing the eagles green. But on a side note I live in south jersey and enjoy listening to a fuzzy 975 fanatic over a horrendous 973 line up. I’d rather listen to the big talker than mike gill. He makes me want to curve off road to the nearest telepho e pole with his agitating voice and views. Just thinking about turning my dial to him makes me vomit. How does he have a job and why would u talk to him. Ur better than that Kyle.

  4. Mike & Mike need to take Andy’s fatness with him when they leave and run over Castillo as they’re leaving town

  5. No surprise Reid came bearing gifts since the national media still kisses his overly rotund ass while the local media stopped that nonsense long ago. Hell, not even Phil Sheridan, the biggest Reid buttmunch in town drinks his green tinted Kool-Aid anymore.

  6. I’m loving this new weekly segment. For the most part, I’ve been listening to 97.3 over the philly stations for awhile now. Mike Gill always seems to have good sources and top notch guests. I love Tony Bruno on 97.5 but after his show I switch to Mike Gill. Hopefully you keep the weekly appearance going

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