Andy Reid Would Like Asante Samuel to Shut Up

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Or something like that.

As you know, this weekend Asante Samuel told Tim McManus on 97.5 that he didn’t appreciate his name coming up in trade talks: [Philly Sports Daily]

“It doesn’t sit well with me,” said Samuel, who was mentioned as a potential trade candidate prior to Tuesday’s deadline. “I’ve been nothing but what they expected me to be when they brought me there — 22, 23 interceptions over my years, broke playoff records. Obviously they don’t want me there so life goes on. So we’ll see where I’ll be at.”


So what did Asante have to say today?

Well, first he hugged Paul Domowitch. Heh– beefy. Then he later told reporters: “Andy Reid put a gag order on me.”

Jeez, I can’t imagine why.

Meanwhile, in other almost-traded player news, Ronnie Brown will go to a South Philadelphia high school tomorrow to speak out against violence. Also, handling things like a professional.

Perhaps Asante can take a few cues from his teammate.


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