Assistant Says T.O. Tried to Kill Himself Earlier This Month

Oh man. Back in 2006, it was widely speculated that Terrell Owens tried to kill himself when he was hospitalized for a “bad reaction to pain killers.” 

This time, it seems, there’s a bit more evidence to support that speculation. According to T.O.’s assistant, who called 911 on October 6th, Owens tried to kill himself earlier this month by taking four (at least) prescription pain pills.

From the 911 call via TMZ:

He took… this is a bottle… I know I should have counted these. This is the bottle the most is missing out of.

Is this a suicide attempt?

Yes, I believe so.

Is he talking to you?

He’s talking to his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend. Don't really know what you want to call it. This is kinda of what… I don’t know.


Not good.

TMZ has the audio of the call here— the suicide part comes in at around 2:55.


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  1. He tried to kill himself with FOUR pain pills? Doubt that would kill anyone, let alone someone his size.

  2. Kyle, seriously? Do you have to link to TMZ so people can listen to that shit? It’s fucking TMZ, the trashiest news outfit on the planet, and I thought you were better than that.
    He definitely left Philly on bad terms, but nobody here wants to listen to him almost die.
    WTF man??

  3. speaking of attention whoring…chris pronger is a fag. you need to beat it with your racist bull shit.

  4. @LifetimePhan It’s currently the top story on PFT and the TMZ article is linked there too, make sure you run over there and chastise Florio in the comments just like you did Kyle.
    It’s a link, no one forced you to click it. If you don’t want to click it, don’t click it. Simple. Shouldn’t other people get to make that decision for themselves too or are you everyone’s moral authority?

  5. Aside from the millions which he made (and apparently lost) T.O. has had a pretty shit life. I feel bad for the guy honestly I think he has some serious issues.

  6. Wow. Not that T.O. is loved by fans anywhere, but he’s still a human being. Nobody needs to deal with suicide, even if its a case of bizarre egocide.
    To the total weakling poster calling themselves “Chris Pronger is a fag” – you epitomize the armchair-variety internet coward. Any random pile of dog shit carries more weight and value than the sum of your entire life. I think its hilarious, sad and pathetic that your insecurity compels you to post your fear on the interwebs, where everyone can read your words and know that the person who wrote them is an ignorant piece of shit.

  7. LifetimePhan,
    What else is Kyle going to say? He has no originality or creativity. He never posts original stories, just stuff he sees off TMZ or other Philly blogs.

  8. Oren,
    Why do you give Kyle clicks if you don’t enjoy reading CB? You’re making a lot of sense.

  9. TO is 37 now, turning 38 in Dec…..but this is from 2006? So 5 years ago he was 32……I think its a fraud.

  10. Ron Noel is my hero, Artie Gorman robbed me and Ron Jackon sucked on my nuts….anyone wanna go to flatheads?

  11. @Zach, and anyone else who talks shit saying T.O. is a douche and sucks at life wishes they had the talent, and money T.O. has. Dude that mother fucker played on a broken leg and caught 8 balls for over one hundred yards for our Eagles in the Super Bowl. If Donovan would’ve been a true friend, and good teammate he would’ve told Jeff and Joe to pay the man instead of being their house nigger. Maybe we would’ve made another run with a happy T.O. all I know is when dude was here we had the best year the franchise has ever had since the NFL/AFL merger. And it’s ashame he tried to kill himself.

  12. Four painkillers? Seriously? Were they oxy 80s? Did he swallow them with a gallon of grain alcohol?

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