At Least Ryan Howard is No Longer Riding Around on a Rascal…


Upgrade. Here's Big Piece on crutches at Mahattan Bagel. Yeah, it's a slow sports weekend.

H/T to reader Brett for the sleuthing


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  1. I’m in the mood to eat something that’s shape physically represents the number of hits I had in the last 3 games.

  2. hey ryan if you are reading this if your girl was a real ride or die chick she would run your errands then come home and suck your dick… cut that groupie loose before it is to late.

  3. I hope that fat big nose fuck got low fat cream cheese on his bagel. BTW how bout that terrible looking hat he’s rocking. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  4. shouldn’t he be getting one of those subway breakfast sandwiches?
    I bet he has comcast at home and drinks gatorade too.

  5. There is no upgrade here and there is nothing Manattan about those bagels. Rock hard glossy pieces of shit that they are. Ryan Howard is a mammoth disappoinment…just like the pizza and the bagels in Philly.Gotta give NY some love on the food front here.

  6. The Howard vs. Pujols debate is officially dead. Our $25,000,000 – .105 NLDS batting – investment is buying bagels while the $14,500,000 clutch Pujols is tearing up the World Series.
    Puljols hit 3 HR’s in 3 innings last night which is one less than Howard has hit in the 2009,2010 & 2011 playoffs. This year Puljols batted .378 NLDS, .478 NLCS & .417 WS.
    So I ask ….
    Who would you rather have now?
    If Howard is “worth” $25 – what is Pujols “worth”?
    In big situations Champions step up big and win. I’ll take the winner – I am sick & tired of losing!

  7. Duke – Sick and tired of losing? They won a world series in 2008 and haven’t missed the playoffs since. This year they were the winningest team in Phillies history. So probably stop being one of the overreacting morons that make Phillies fans look bad?
    And what Howard vs. Pujols debate? That was never a debate. Nobody was debating that. You made that debate up in your head because you’re stupid. Everybody knows that the best player in the last decade of baseball is better than someone who is not the best player in the last decade of baseball.

  8. Why are we paying $25MM/year to Howard? It’s because of people’s over-emphasis on the RBI. If you actually watch him play and understand SABR just a little bit, you’ll understand why he’s so overpaid.

  9. Everytime someone says “winningest team in Phillies history” I find myself not giving a fuck. There’s a lot to be said for the way you go out, and they went out like bitches this “winningest” season.

  10. Florida Marlins have one more championships in my lifetime than the Phillies.
    So yes, with the money i’ve invested in this team; I still have a right to be pissed off

  11. Bored, what a little panty-waisted twerp you are! Think of all the people who lived from 1883 and died before 1980 and never saw one championship in their entire live and your whining about only seeing one in your lifetime (so far). Why don’t you and Mama’s Boyo trade sanitary towels while your at it!

  12. Instead of that fucking stupid hat, he should be wearing a dunce cap. He better be learning how to hit lefties in a batting cage in his crutches as well.

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