Ben Fran!

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 9.04.58 PM

Here's video of his home run.

Franzke's call (via @MarkM625) is after the jump.

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31 Responses

  1. Yes, I put on my semi-magical Phillies bucket hat right before the Francisco HR. You’re welcome, Philadelphia

  2. franzke is a breath of fresh air after having to listen to those life-sucking tbs announcers.

  3. Everybody do the worm!
    Well, my new comcast DVR screwed up and neglected to record the first 5 innings. Was glad to see that I didn’t miss anything and caught the homer!

  4. Honestly Dude, if you had to DVR the game, you don’t deserve to watch the first 5 innings. Well, well, well…the Ben Francisco Treat. How ironic, the guy who saves the day is the one who made the playoff roster because Charlie forgot to cross off his name. I’ll take it any way we can get it. Great job Phils…call in LaRussa’s mortician. Time to put him and his team to bed. – breadman

  5. who ever would of thought of all the people on this team Fransisco would be the hero. Wow!

  6. PS Can somebody figure out a way to give stockton/brenley a heart attack?. Can they sound any more dejected when the Phillies score?: “And it’s going back Back BACK AND IT’S… out of the park… nothing new here, might as well switch over to American Idol even though it’s a rival network blahblahblahblahblah….” Anyway that what I heard.

  7. yo, ben has been nothing but a great pinch hitter. no reason to ever hate on a bench player that can actually pinch hit.

  8. (To the tune of “If You’re Going to San Francisco”)
    If the hitter is Ben Francisco, you’re gonna swear… THAT BABY’S OUTTA THERE!!

  9. Some people actually have to work and can’t watch the game live and have to resort to DVR. Is there anything wrong with that? E.T. is lucky he missed the first 5 innings so he could be spared of the worst commentary I’ve ever heard in any sporting event.

  10. Ah yes, Iron Balls… the age-old, “The announcers hate us” whine. They sound the same for both teams, you’re just used to McCarthy and his homerism. Brenly is 8 feet up LaRussa’s ass, but Stockton’s ok.

  11. @breadman…Normally, I would have been home watch it all live, but seeing that I missed work Monday traveling home from Sunday’s game I couldn’t take time off (especially considering I plan on missing more time next week for NLCS game 2). Secondly, I wanted to wait for the Mrs. to get home from work and the grocery store.
    Not sure why I feel like I have to defend myself, but whatever.

  12. I’m headed to the bar to spend McGinty’s hard earned swag, if i leave now maybe i can find a nice big yankee fan to fill the void!

  13. am i the only one who has noticed ben’s face right after he hit it? he looks like he just killed somebody and wants to go on a spree. if i was a manager i’d love to see that kind of expression on a player

  14. Charlie out-managed LaRoussa with his pitchers. LaRussa let Garcia hit in a key situation and he whiffed, then broke down in the 6th. Charlie pinch hit for Cole at the right time with the right matchup and BOOM–Benny never has to pay for a beer in Philly again.

  15. Morton Matt, I didn’t claim they hate the Phillies, just that they have no enthusiasm. If you go to the video, even the Cards announcer (KMOX) was more excited than the TBS crew: Not that much more but still more. Sorry, stockton and brenly are just too old and tired. Too bad TBS can’t get some of the ESPN/MLBN crews for freelance work. However, I say one thing for sure, ANYONE, including anyone in a coma, does a better job than Buck McCarver. Thank goodness they only do the ALCS; crapple they do the WS. I can’t stand the way Buck drones on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on… I think he’s somehow mezmerized by the sound of his own voice, like he loves himself too much. And he sucks in comparison to his da. And his HBO show was horrible—the one that replaced Costas. Hey there’s a guy who calls good baseball. Like I said, MLBN needs to loan these guys out.

  16. The Steelers have their Big Ben, and now, we have ours. Thank you, Mr. Francisco!

  17. Scott Franzke is the freaking man! and i quote “he hit 6 hr during the regular season, and he has come up with the biggest hit of his LIFE, here at busch stadium” fucking classic…. but on that same note did anyone else catch the douchebag in the technicolor dream color during post game interview with Ben, he totally threw BenFran under the bus, something to the effect of “the game winning HR, from someone not known for hitting them, only 5 since may 15th”… asshole with his stupid pistachio colored coat!

  18. Ben Francisco – I take it all back! Every time this season that I complained that you were taking up a roster spot for no reason & had no place on the playoff roster.
    I even forgive you for wearing Bowa & Dutch’s number 10 and making it look pathetic most of the time.
    Great clutch homer! You’re been Stairs’d!

  19. I like sports when my team wins. Any notice sportscenter got to the phils game AFTER the yanks/tigers, AFTER rays/rangers and AFTER about 3 lengthy segments on the Eagles struggles? Weird roller coaster of emotions.

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