UPDATE: Brayden Schenn Broke His Foot

Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 1.31.09 PM

Great, he got Jeff Carter'd.

UPDATE: The Flyers say he will miss 4-to-6 weeks. Great.


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  1. damn it this really throws everything off. its actually kind of good in the sense that couturier can center the third line again but schenn is damn good and we needed to get him involved.

  2. Not that he was tearing it up out there or anything, but the busted foot thing sucks. Maybe he needed more ice-time or something, to get used to it. But his shifts were not colossally awesome.
    So, Nodl and Rinaldo are gonna be back until all the hurt goes away. Hopefully Lilja will stop it with the pylon act and Walker will stop it with the lame defensive-zone turnovers.

  3. DoomHooligan, worse yet, it keeps “Hed!” Hartnell ( http://movieclips.com/ZxmDM-so-i-married-an-axe-murderer-movie-an-orange-on-a-toothpick/ ) out of the doghouse. I don’t care that he clicked the other night with Giroux and Jagr, that was a fluke and he’s going to continue to suck this season. They’ll all be sorry if they don’t work on their passing fundementals; lazy-arsed passes are what caused the constant turnovers last nite. And to the Smurfs in the Gaybell Centre!

  4. He shouldn’t be up anyway. They fucked with the line chemistry and started losing. Keep him down until we need him or hes ready.

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