Bryce Harper, Sort of a Dick… Also, Yankees Fan

Bryce_harper_yankeesBalls, they lost

Of course he is.

Bryce Harper, phenom, who once said the Nationals would soon be the Yankees of the NL East, grew up a of the bombers (little b), presumably because he seems like the type. Well, now he’s a National and… still a Yankees fan.

His now removed Tweets from last night, courtesy of Deadspin and Nats Enquirer:

Screen Shot 2011-10-07 at 1.29.30 PM


They were quickly removed, and in their place, this:

Screen Shot 2011-10-07 at 1.30.10 PM

Just in case you needed another reason to dislike him, there you go.

Is it game time yet?

H/T to Mike and Eagles81


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  1. sort of? he passed the dick test a long time ago kyle…wtf what time is it? is it ok to start drinking?

  2. @MM – you may start now.
    @ Rich, wasnt 6 part of that 4 run lead they gave Clifton…2 run single or something? That was game two. Meaning simple math says you don’t know shit. If I am wrong, please direct a comment @ me using the @ symbol.

  3. @Phlash – think youre right about howard and a 2 run single bounced up the middle. Which means you are also right that @Rich doesn’t know shit.

  4. He kind of looks like Charlie Baileygates right after Hank got Charlie’s ass kicked because Hank tried to fight the butt flicker in the diner parking lot.

  5. I’m back bitches! Despite that Little PUSS Kyle Scott trying to censor me and block my posts.
    What a freaking tool!
    How is the game going?
    Shame on you Kyle Pussy Scott!

  6. Good night you little bitches. Enjoy watching the cards win their 11th championship.
    Better luck next year bitches. Suck it!

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