Carlos Ruiz’s Dugout Celebrations Continue to be Perfect

Screen Shot 2011-10-02 at 12.08.53 PMBury Caesar!!!

:24 second mark of this video, in case you were at the game and missed this like I did.

H/T to Iron Balls


3 Responses

  1. I still like:
    “Cry ‘HAVOC’ and let slip the dogs of war!”
    And the Phillies are the Dogs of Warm Chooch is indeed the Pit Bull of the team! Lovable when happy and content. Tenaciously* deadly when angry. Almost impossible to bring down.
    Thanks for the “H/T”, Laddie. You’re welcome too.
    *: I got my dickshunairy out for that one hahahah

  2. There’s a better shot of the dugout where they show everything as the home run happened, and Ruiz leaped up onto the ledge from a sitting position like an excited kid. It was awesome.

  3. Oh Lord of Error-free Typing, please forgive me. I’m going to hell for hitting the ‘m’ key instead of the adjaysent ‘,’ key. Verily I say to thee, “He that is without a typo among you, let him cast the first stone, lest he STFU.”
    Besides, “Dogs of Warm Chooch” is better than having a (M)ega (P)oop (H)ead hahahahahah.
    PS: ‘(M)ega (P)oop (H)ead’: EWWW

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