Claude Giroux is So, So Nasty


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  1. G’s things to do:
    1. undress chara and practically flip him off—check
    2. make the reigning conn smythe winner flop around like the fish he is—-check
    3. put the cat in the hat in sensational fashion to woo us all—fuck yes

  2. The only thing he didnt do on that play was violate Ninja’s mother….but I’m sure he’s doing that as we speak.

  3. I’m am a homo who has no life but I sit in my parents basement acting like a douchebag on blogs. I suck

  4. I love that you can hear Simmonds scream “FUCK YEAH.” Wonder if Avery’ll call Shannahan to try and get him suspended.

  5. PS:
    @ Ninja,
    You keep telling everyone to “suck it”, but what is IT that you exactly want to suck? I don’t think anybody can ever know, because you sure don’t have the neccessary equipment one way or the other. In fact Chaz Bono is better equiped than you.
    And ninjas are supposed to be quiet and stealthy assasins. You’ve been the exact opposite, not an assasin, but just a loud ASShole and an angrily agitated pussy.
    So until next season (since yours will be over after tonite) go STFU, take take some vagisil, and go diddle a close family member like all you MisSOURans like to do all the time.

  6. This goal was pretty awesome. I was pumped. Even better was that we scored a goal immediately following this one. Only one game, but it seems like that’s the sort of stuff that would happen to us last year. Maybe this rebuild wasn’t such a bad idea.

  7. They looked really impressive for a game 1, and Giroux is just incredible, I am really excited for this year, lets just stay healthy and continue to communicate as a team……

  8. what a bunch of losers who have to use my name to post shit. I am curious, how fast do you guys type with only one hand? Your other hand is, of course, holding the microscope to help you find your penis.

  9. I’m back bitches! Despite that Little PUSS Kyle Scott trying to censor me and block my posts.
    What a freaking tool!
    How is the game going?
    Shame on you Kyle Pussy Scott!

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