Cliff Lee Talks About the Loss


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  1. Didn’t want to give the Cards any confidence headed back to StL, but I’m not worried…Cole will do his thing tomorrow night

  2. They gotta put this behind them and win in 2 more.
    Last nite was the wacky wierd case of the 1 point deffasits. Thanks goodness the Flyers didn’t play and lose by 1. Then I’d know for sure there’s a god and he hates us.
    And I’m not making excuses but that game broke down when that pussy home plate ump got intimidated by La Rusta. Really?! The calling behind the plate was pretty fair before La Rusta whined to national TV about it. What a bunch of pansy-arsed faggots, those red birds.

  3. That ump is an embarrassment to the game. I can’t believe they’re letting him officiate the postseason.

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