Dr. J is Auctioning Off His 1983 NBA Championship Ring… Oh Yeah, He Also Owes a Georgia Bank $200,000

The state of NBA basketball in Philadelphia becomes sadder and sadder with each passing day. 

There’s the lockout. The fading memory of Allen Iverson, who not surprisingly bottomed out unceremoniously. And now, the one final image of NBA success, Dr. J flying through the air on countless occasions, will be stained with the knowledge that Julius Erving is auctioning off his most prized possessions, including his 1983 Sixers championship ring.

Dei Lynam first posted the story last night on CSNPhilly.com, passing along info from a press release about Dr. J’s intention to sell:  

•    Dr. J’s 1974 and 1976 New York Nets ABA World Championship ring
•    1983 Philadelphia 76ers World Championship ring
•    1996 NBA’s 50 Greatest Players ring
•    MVP trophies from 1975-76 (ABA) and 1980-81 (NBA)
•    1977 and 1983 NBA All-Star game MVP trophies
•    1979, 1981 and 1985 Eastern Conference All-Star game-worn uniforms
•    1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers game-worn road uniform
•    His final game-worn jersey from Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference playoffs

Erving is working with SCP Auctions, which will open the items to bidding Friday Oct. 28 on their website scpauctions.com. The auction will remain open through Nov. 19.

“I am very excited to work with SCP Auctions to offer my personal collection of memorabilia to collectors and fans,” said Erving.  “It is my hope that the buyers of these items will derive much pleasure from their ownership. I also hope these treasures initiate much discussion inside and outside of basketball circles that help to preserve my legacy. It pleases me to support my lifelong charity, the Salvation Army, with a portion of the proceeds. My family and I thank all of the fans for their continued support throughout the years.”


But, sadly, there’s more.

Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that on October 18th a Georgia bank sued Erving’s company, The Erving Group Inc., for $200,000– money owed to the bank as part of a $1 million loan issued to Erving's company in April 2009. One year later, in April 2010, the same month the loan was to be repaid, the paper reported that a golf club Erving owned in the area was in foreclosure.

So, let's break this down: Erving couldn’t repay a loan given to presumably help his fledgling golf club and is now being sued by the bank. A week later, it's announced that he's auctioning off memorabilia collected throughout his storied career. Sounds like Dr. needs some dough. Now.

Erving's lawyer denies that’s the case: [Philly.com]

"It's not that [financial difficulties]; he was just willing to sell now," Kohler said. "He was ready to do it. We've been talking about this for about a year, and this is going to be the 25th year since his retirement, so he decided it was the right time."


Yeah, I bet.

There are tons of items available, including all-star game rings (I never knew they existed), on the auction site, which can be viewed right here. Sad day, folks. Sad day. But, hey– good news: at least Croce found Drake's ship.

Dr. J to Auction off Rings [CSNPhilly.com]

Doctor J to Auction off Memorabilia [Philly.com]

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16 Responses

  1. This is why you’re a Blogger and not a journalist. You just can’t make leaps of judgement and opinion in papers and news outlets. But a Blogger can. It’s called opinion & not facts. Though the quote from the csnphilly.com article says it, you fail to note in your judgement that he’s donating a portion of the proceeds to The Salvation Army. So while maybe some cash is needed. I doubt that its the sole reason for the auction. Those item will generation more than 200,000 bucks.

  2. bsm- if you had any reading comp skills whatsoever, you’d see that we did include the charity part, but you’d also recognize the word “portion,” which generally means an undisclosed amount. Philly.com and AJC alluded to the debt, but being large, hypersensitive organizations, they can’t include opinion in the article. We can– like you said, that’s why we’re a blog. We didn’t state it as fact, but also smart enough to put two and two together. This isn’t a coincidence.

  3. Kyle,
    Gotta love the haters, eh?
    Don’t worry, you need them to keep doing what they do so you can STAY HUNGRY. Keep doing what you do and it’ll all pay off in the end. Don’t worry about living their miserable lives. I’m big on WIP and I like your site too, keep up the good work.

  4. hhhmmmmmm…. well anyway, starting bid on ’83 Championship Ring is $25,000, can’t wait to see what it goes for. All it takes is a couple people to put the price through the roof. Thinking it may go for 6 figures, but wow, that’d be a ton of money for a championship ring.

  5. Good stuff Kyle! This is very sad, turquoise took him to the cleaners as well during the samantha stevenson stuff, acting all high and mighty like she wasn’t fucking around with teddy p… That being said, i’d rather bid on lennon’s tooth.

  6. BSM spent a good 10 minuets of his day complaining about you. I’d be pretty impressed.
    And yeah, he isn’t just doing ALL of this for charity.

  7. Man, maybe I step-out to help Mr. Irving. One of the classiest guys I had the privelidge to meet back in the day. He’s also a great cocksman (a compliment, IMO).
    And FUCK LeBum James’ puppet, Dr. J had the best sneaker commercial, thanks to Stevie:

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