Eagles Give it to Cowgirls

Romo_eaglesSource: Eagles website, photo gallery here

Sports. Porn.

Crushing the Cowboys, Romo reaching for wayward snaps, angry Rob Ryan, running the ball, winning challenges, Shady bumping Mudd. It was all sex, really. I'm surprised it didn't end with pool boy Juan Castillo walking into Jerry Jones' box, dressing him up with makeup and pigtails, and forcing the forlorn owner to call him padre.

Some stats, then we'll have a full running commentary coming your way shortly. Tricks and treats here:

Our man John Ellis hit the nail on the head last week– the Eagles threw the ball 28 times and ran 38 times (including seven Vick scrambles). They controlled the game, controlled the clock, and controlled the scoreboard.

Shady McCoy rushed 30 times for 185 yards. 185.

Vick was 21-for-28, 279 yards, 2 TD, and 129.9 QB rating. Romo? 18-for-35, 203 yard, 1 TD, 1 INT, 66.7 QB rating.

The Eagles had a total of 70 plays. The Cowboys? 49. Time of possession? 42 minutes to 17. That's what running the ball will do for you, folks.

The Birds had 31 first downs (Cowboys 12), 495 total yards (Cowboys 267), 4-for-6 in Red Zone (Cowboys 0-1), 7-for-12 third downs (Cowboys 3-for-10), 239 rushing yards (Cowboys 89). 

Final score: 34-7. 

Finally, this. Rob Ryan post-game: [quotes via here, here, and here]

"It all comes down to coaching. Andy Reid was reading my mail, and he kicked my ass … I gave our guys a lousy plan."

"If I gave them any extra motivation, hell I certainly never backed it up. The whole fucking thing was on me."

"I got my ass kicked, but I don't saying anything I don't believe. That was embarrassing and it's my fault."

"It comes down to preparation and I got beat by Andy Reid. It's ridiculous."


Sports. Porn.


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  1. Didnt he technically get his ass beat by Marty Mornihnweg ?
    Still not a believer
    Beez Nutz

  2. wow, Babin (the tattoo enthusiast) is really giving it to Romo’s backside here. I’m sure its not the first nor last time he’s had his oil checked by another dude…

  3. Is it possible that Reid just figured out that he has possibly the greatest running back in Eagles history (!) on his roster right now?
    We were running the ball with authority!
    Please keep it up!

  4. I am so glad that this is the first game i watched start to finish since game 1…. this was an amazing display of all around great football. Get the early lead then crank up the pressure! and i am still not a believer of “dream team” and all that crap but i was seriously impressed last night! And to think if we wouldnt have shit the bed vs. SF and given it up to the NYG….

  5. Saying you were outcoached by Andy Reid is the worst thing an NFL coach could ever have to admit.

  6. Not trying to nitpick here and I am glad they are running the ball, but someone needs to explain why Shady was in the game with 5 mins left running the ball when they are up 34-7?

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