Eagles Trade Ronnie Brown for Jerome Harrison and Draft Pick

Well, the Ronnie Brown experiment is over. The Eagles have traded Ronnie Brown to the Lions for a 2013 draft pick and Jerome Harrison.

Soo, there’s that. 


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  1. He may have taken the top spot for dumbest play in Philadelphia sports history, IMO. Werth getting picked off second on the intentional walk used to be #1. Difficult to top that, but I’m thinking Brown actually did it.

  2. I can’t believe the Eagles front office admits a mistake like this but can’t admit a mistake like letting Dawkins walk. You mean to tell me Denver wouldn’t shed his salary for a conditional 5th round pick? COME ON!!!
    I don’t mind Harrisson, but why let him go to begin with?

  3. @ Dwayne: Harrison wasn’t cut. He was a free agent and wanted to sign where he would get more playing time.

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