Eagles Week 5 Splash Cartoon

The Eagles stepped it up with their Week 5 splash cartoon, which features Michael Vick's quotes that got lost in the clusterfuck of Sunday.


12 Responses

  1. They will choke on it again. Playing against one of the oddest yet best offenses in the AFC, Fitzpatrick and Jackson are gonna have a field day Sunday

  2. best one of the season… dedicated to all you doom and gloom so called eagles fans… the ride ain’t over yet fuckers…

  3. I’m back bitches! Despite that Little PUSS Kyle Scott trying to censor me and block my posts.
    What a freaking tool!
    How is the game going?
    Shame on you Kyle Pussy Scott!
    Phillies SUCK!

  4. Good night you little bitches. Enjoy watching the cards win their 11th championship.
    Better luck next year bitches. Suck it!

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