Ed Rendell Invokes Flight 93 in Talking About Eagles’ Need for a Leader

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Oh boy.

About an hour into Eagles Postgame Live on CSN, Ed Rendell talked about the need for a leader to step up for the Eagles. You know, like the guy on Flight 93:

Somebody's got to get angry, somebody's got to make a big hit. And then turn to everybody else and say "come on." When you're taking a hill, someone looks back and says "let's go." On Flight 93, that guy said, it will live in immortality, "let's roll." Somebody's got to say that and it looked like there's just no fire out there from the fans' standpoint.


As you know, Rendell became the governor of Pennsylvania a little more than a year after Flight 93 crashed Shanksville.

Bad analogy, Ed. Bad analogy.

The audio is after the jump.

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  1. He is painful to watch maybe we’ll get lucky and this will end his “broadcasting” career. Jerkoff. Am I the only one who sees him trying to sneak glimpses of Ray’s notes every week on PGL?

  2. Once again, Ed Rendell publicly showed what an incredible smacked ass he is, comparing a meaningless football game with what happened on Flight 93? How could he have been so blatantly, screamingly STUPID? Oh, yeah, he’s a politician. Silly me.

  3. Don’t know what was worse, this or his suggestion to bring back Dawk for a 3rd round pick to save the season. I wonder what R Diddy must be thinking sitting inbetween the Gov and Tra Thomas…

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