Eric Lindros May Play in Alumni Game at Winter Classic

There’s a chance we’ll get to see the Legion of Doom reunited at Citizens Bank Park this winter.

Our friends from The Hockey Guys and The Hockey Writers had an exclusive interview with Eric Lindros (really, fascinating– must read). In it, he says that Paul Holmgren has indeed spoken with him about returning to play for the Flyers in the alumni game before the Winter Classic:

Q: There have been some rumors going around in Philly that you’ve been invited to play in the Winter Classic Alumni game. Is there any truth to that?

Eric Lindros: I talked with [Flyers GM] Paul Holmgren about a month or five weeks back and we chatted about it. That’d be great if I could see Mikael Renberg again, and Johnny LeClair. I haven’t seen Johnny in a couple of years. That would be a lot of fun. Also possibly we could set up something along the lines where we could do something for CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), maybe have a lunch or do something along those lines. We could bring in hockey fans and chat a little bit about what we’re up to and sign a bunch of stuff.

Q: So have you made a decision to definitely come down for that or is it still up in the air at this point?

Eric Lindros: I haven’t talked to Paul since we initially spoke a couple of times but it sounds like a great time.


We’re not totally surprised. We heard a few months ago that the Flyers were planning on inviting Eight Eight to participate, something that I believe is the right move. Perhaps now, after a decade filled with mostly failures (love you, 2008), we'll be able to look beyond Lindros' shortcomings and acknowledge how influential he was to younger hockey fans. If you remember, the Flyers had about a three or four-stretch where they weren't good. Lindros' arrival ushered in nearly two decades (still going) of consistent success, and with it, many new, younger fans.

Make sure to read the interview. It is posted both here and here.


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  1. Hope to God Lindros comes back for the game. However, fuck the rumor that Recci will be playing too. Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

  2. How are you going to trash Mark Recchi? One of the most underrated players ever to play the game and played 10 years in Philly AND holds our single season scoring record. One of the best players ever to wear Orange and Black, don’t be butt hurt because he won all of his cups elsewhere.

  3. Recchi was a true Philadelphia hockey player. I’m sure he would’ve loved to win here more than anywhere else. But I love the idea of Lindros playing, I love it even more that the Legion of Doom may be reunited. Would definitely bring Lindros’ career full circle.

  4. Mark Recchi: my all-time favorite Flyer, and Lindros VERY high on that list. I don’t forget how GREAT both of them were when they played here. Shame they never hoisted the cup in Philly.

  5. Hope this happens.
    Lindros is an all-time great Flyer.
    Sad to see that things got too personal between him & Clarkie.
    If #88 just could have learned to skate with his head up, who knows what he could have accomplished in Philly. He was fun to watch.

  6. Here are your lines for the Winter Classic:
    Propp-Poulin-Mellanby (or Sutter)
    Berube-Holmgren-Dave Brown (goon line)
    K. Samuelsson-McGillis
    Hextall and Garth Snow in net
    Keenan behind the bench

  7. @letsgoflyers – pretty sure you could take that 4th line add Hatcher and Pronger head to afghanistan and have the troops home by christmas.

  8. While we’re at it, for you fans of “the shift”, Primeau’s performance against the lightning in 04′ was the greatest playoff performance of any Philly athlete since Tug McGraw, go back and check it, he singlehandedly carried that team on his shoulders to game 7. he also had the best understated goal scoring celebration, he was the prototypical flyer if you’re ever at broad and Lombard make sure you patronize his Bain’s deli franchise. His wife is a fantastic person as well, great people.

  9. Great as I think the hatchet is finally buried as time heals and we grow up and see things clear. He was great.

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