Flyers Quizzo TONIGHT at Drinker’s

Tonight. 8 PM. Flyers quizzo at Drinker's Tavern in Old City (2nd and Market). I'm hosting, you're playing.

Enjoy $1 Rolling Rock ponies and – my recommendation – the Tex Mex hot dog. See you there.

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5 Responses

  1. Ahhh, rolling rock brewed from the crystal clear waters of newark nj. They should pay you $2 to drink it. it’s good that they’re pony bottles, as its best taken in small doses.

  2. MM, probably no better nor any worse than when it was brewed in Latrobe using rusty “iron city” wastewater. I’d rather even drink Corona (if I had to).
    BTW me balls were made by Bethlehem Steel (1857–2003 RIP), not those U.S. Steel Shyteheels.

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