Flyers Recall Brayden Schenn

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And assassinate Zac Rinaldo and Harry Zolnierczykkcykckykicanibuyavowel. Poor guy, Z scored his first NHL goal last night – in filthy style – and will now be sent back down to the Phantoms.

Schenn – Richie 2.0 - will see his first regular season action with the Flyers tomorrow night against the Capitals.

The young keep getting youngerererer.


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  1. Why, in the FUCK, is Jody Shelley still on this team?
    It’s obvious Rinaldo is Shelley, except he can, you know, play a little bit. I don’t want to hear the “we need size” excuse, now that all of our wingers are fucking massive. I don’t care if he’s a good guy in the locker room- you’re worthless and an idiot on the ice. Waive his ass, and if no one takes him, let him rot with Leighton in Adirondack.
    That’s the only thing I don’t get right now. What the fuck do they see in the enforcer with two girls’ names?

  2. I am very excited to see Schenn in action. Not a better game to start in than against the 5-0 capitals. Harry the Z looked great. Good to know we have people like him waiting in the wings. Wonder what the lines will be tomorrow. Schenn on the wing? Probably.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, your philadelphia flyers, young, talented, likeable, stacked deep and dickhead free.

  4. Schenn better come up and play good. All the other young kids are playing fantastic… he will be back in Adorondack quicker than he can spell “Zolnierczyk”.
    I really want Shelley to go away. That has to happen.

  5. Claus… quit being a jerkoff 2.0… Schenn was immediately compared to Ritchie by several different media outlets after the trade.

  6. Klaus- you obviously did NO research on Schenn after the trade. Go watch the youtube highlight videos of him that were made before the trade. Guess what the announcers say (in the videos with announcers)? “This kid is going to be the next Mike Richards.” So, yeah. Richie 2.0.

  7. Klaus: DoucheBag 2.0
    Anyway, agreed with most here. Peace to Shelley. Seems like a nice guy, but a liability for sure.

  8. Klaus that comment about Kyle and Gonzo was hilarious bro. Schenn is the man and he will be plowing young co-eds from Temple in no time. That is the only way he is like Richards.

  9. actually, klaus, when asked to compare him to a current player Paul Holmgren said he was like Mike Richards. So, yeah, considering he was traded for Richie, is younger, and will perhaps take his spot as future two-way forward and team leader, I’d say Richie 2.0 works quite well.

  10. Hoping the lines look like this tomorrow:
    JVR – Giroux – Jagr
    Hartnell – Briere – Simmonds
    Voracek – Schenn – Read
    Talbot – Couturier – Nodl/Shelley
    Can’t justify putting Hartnell on the 4th line with the money he is making. Hopefully Briere and Hartnell can find some of their early season magic from last year. The 3rd line is young, but would be awesome if they can establish some chemistry.

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