FOX Philly and Verizon Team Up to Twist the Knife Just a Bit More

Screen Shot 2011-10-24 at 1.50.56 PM
Just as we’re getting close to removing the knife from our collective sucking chest wound, FOX Philly and Verizon decided to give it a little twist. What you’re looking at are the FIOS TV listings for Saturday night in Bucks County. Hey, what’s that on before the World Series?

Clearly, FOX had planned to air local pre-game specials before postseason games (never mind that it still said NLCS, even though the World Series had been planned for months). The day after the Phillies lost, the same program was listed, but you’d expect that in the two weeks since, it could have been updated to, you know, something that didn't make me cry.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, there was no Phillies special. The Flyers and Blues were on CSN, though. So there was that…


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  1. Yo, Kyle! I know it’s a slow news day, what with the Eagles having been off an all, but dude! Enough! You GOTTA put your Phillies angst-a-rama to bed! Yes, I’m aware that for some, the pain is still as fresh now as it was little over three weeks ago, but it’s time to move on for crissakes! The players sure have, if Shane Victorino is any indicator, I have too, so please, give a rest.

  2. If Shane Victorino can move on from a disappointing postseason departure, why can’t Kyle Scott?

  3. If the Eagles lose a regular season 1pm game, I can not watch another football game that weekend. So I don’t think it is too far fetched to still not want to watch playoff baseball after the Phillies bow out (read take a shit) in the NLDS that finished off their most hyped and successful regular season EVER. It may not affect everyone to that degree but it sure should affect you for longer than the first game of the next series – looking at you Shane.

  4. Yes, Kyle, this is getting to be a little bit ridiculous now. I taught preschool for 14 years, and even the three-year-olds I dealt with on a daily basis for that long got over things quicker than this. Time to put on your big boy pants and move on, man.

  5. Let it go, slappy. I’m disappointed, you’re disappointed, we’re all disappointed the Phillies aren’t playing right now and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s also nothing wrong with watching another baseball game because even though it sucks the Phillies aren’t there, you still enjoy watching baseball and it’s something you’ve done your entire life
    Life goes on. I just never understood how sitting around being miserable made things better

  6. I’m with you, Kyle. I’m still very depressed over the whole situation. I am not, however, depressed enough to not watch the World Series. I go to my friend’s house every game. Her husband and I watch it and she goes to bed, screaming all the while that the Phillies aren’t in it so this bullshit should not be on her television. So it’s not just you.

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