Help Juanted: Eagles May Bring in a “Consultant” to Coach Castillo


I made a promise to my mother that I'd never lean on others for help

Dear society, raise your hands if you saw this coming.

– looks around –

All of you. Yep, about what I expected.

Last night, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the Eagles are going to consider bringing in a defensive consultant – an efficiency expert – during the bye week to help Juan Castillo.

Poor Juan, he was set up for failure, because, you know, he’s an offensive line coach.

My buddy Matt called me last night and asked if I was surprised that the Eagles are such a disaster on defense: Kyle, this would be like me applying for a job as a doctor, and when they asked if I was, in fact, a doctor, I’d say “no, but I’ve had a lot of check-ups.”

It’s unclear if the consultant would be a short term assistant, a permanent part of the team, or really just a new defensive coordinator. Whatever the case may be, his (or her– at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashley Fox is brought in to work with the linebackers) very presence will undermine Castillo, who, from the outset, was of questionable authority. But, hey, at least he's good at dealing with people.

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What the hell is wrong with you people?


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  1. Too bad this didn’t happen two months ago. With all their years of wisdom they couldn’t (or didn’t want to) see this coming at camp?

  2. I for one am surprised the Eagles took what I’ve seen as the extraordinary route of asking for outside help, given the overwhelming arrogance of Andy Reid who thinks he’s God’s gift to coaching and everything he does works to perfection. This should’ve happened after week one, not after a quarter of the season was in the books.

  3. Juan is a joke. I noticed at the SF game, the players on the sideline were playing grab- ass with him. They were all giggling behind his back & pointing.

  4. They should bring in a “consultant” to “help” Andy Reid coach this team.
    Maybe Tony Dungy or Bill Cowher?

  5. WIP said (Rhea I think) this morning said: Is it just a coincidence that Howard Mudd (O Line coach)is going for hip surgery and now they are bring in a Defensive Consultant? No. It’s not. Mudd is gonna be gone for weeks recovering. Castillo slides back to his O Line spot while the “Consultant” runs the Defense. The Eagles never admit a mistake (like they never do), and Castillo’s feelings aren’t hurt. It’s going to happen. The Eagles make me sick. How are they screwing this season up? If they ever had a chance to take back this town… it’s now. But they won’t, cause they’ll end up 8-8. If they’re lucky.

  6. @Deezy
    Why? I think the D-line has been the only bright spot. I think the only reason the NFL’s sack leader came back here was because of Washburn.

  7. Defense was not their strong suit last year either, BUT Additions: Nnamdi, Babin, & DRC Subtractions: Mikell, Bradley,& Sims… And they are this bad??
    How is that possible?? How is it a good idea to play zone with 3 Pro Bowl CB’s?? Why cant they just play the “Wide 9” on 3rd downs, if they obviously cant stop the run?? How is it possible that Jarred Page is a starter in the NFL?
    I hate this team..

  8. Juan’s hiring is the continuance of Andy’s lame drafting strategy applied to his coaching staff: always looking for the undersized, un-talented, 7th round draft pick to put in a high profile position and set up for failure.

  9. Whatever. I want them to lose every remaining game, forcing Lurie to shitcan Andy the Infallible and most of his retarded staff, get a new head coach and a new GM, and watch Andrew Luck blossom into the greatest QB in franchise history while Vick and Shady share RB duties. While I’m at it I’d also like Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman to take turns screening me for testicular lumps.

  10. “Last night, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the Eagles are going to consider bringing in a defensive consultant – an efficiency expert – during the bye week to help Juan Castillo.”
    Scratch out “Juan Castillo and put in “Fatty Reidbuckle”.

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