Here’s Video of Julie Dorenbos Painting Her Body Blue

Sure, we'll post this.

Our friend Julie Dorenbos, wife of long snapper Jon Dorenbos and a known CB reader, was on FOX this morning having her body (this oneNSFWish) painted blue to demonstrate the airbrushing capabilities at Skin Palette, a new Custom Air Brush Tanning and Contempo Spa in Rittenhouse that is co-owned by Dorenbos and Susie Celek.

The results… they are after the jump. 


Yeah, we like Julie.


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15 Responses

  1. 2 bored housewives sinking their hubbies cash into a BS business
    they’ve done 5 of these airbrushes (not going to rewatch vid to get an accurate count) ? wow
    that’s worth 10+ minutes on local TV

  2. So how stupid/awkward is it that Jen referred to Suzie as Brent’s wife when they are divorced

  3. Yikes! Some of the wacky faces Susie Celekmade during the segment remind me of that Courtney Stodden chick, that 16 yr old chick who married that Lost actor:
    And how funny when that dingbat reporter goes, “Juuuuuulie Dorenbossssss, Suuuuuusie Cellllllek, and Amber…”, and then she’s thinking, “Who the fuck’s your Eagle?!”
    Then later she’s going “Amy, Amy… I mean Amber…” Poor Amber, she’s probably the most attractive broad there.

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