Highlights from Ruben Amaro’s Interview with Mike and Ike

The Big Poker was on WIP with Mike and Ike today, presumably saying things that were shrouded in lies (I mean that mostly as a compliment). Here are some of the highlights:

– Amaro said that he hasn’t been able to watch the World Series or playoffs – unlike a few of his players – and that he’s probably only seen a total of about 12 innings since the Phillies were eliminated. Someone gets it.

– About Rollins: Last night, Howard Eskin reported that the Phillies would like to see a team offer Rollins at least four years, so they could get away with saying “we can’t offer him four years.” Ruben said (potential lie detector alert) that they would like to re-sign J-Roll™, which is something the organization has been consistent on since spring training. Amaro acknowledged that it comes down to years and money (doesn’t it always?). 

There’s another report out there, from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe [via MLB Trade Rumors], which says that Rollins will certainly have to back off that five-year thing for the Phillies to re-sign him. Cafardo says Jose Reyes isn’t an option because he’s too expensive (so was Cliff Lee…) and the more likely candidate to replace Rollins is Marco Scutaro. Awesome…

– Amaro called it “ridiculous” that he was pinning the loss on Charlie.

– Thanks to the irresponsible Red Sox, MLB is considering a ban on beer in the clubhouse. Amaro said the Phillies allow beer but not liquor and there have been literally no issues that have arisen as a result of that policy, but the Phillies would obviously comply with any MLB mandate. Interesting: as a few readers pointed out last week, we had a screen grab of Cliff Lee holding an unmarked can after one of his starts back in August. You decide what’s in it.

image from mobilwi.typepad.com

– Amaro was on to promote a fundraiser he’s doing for the Ronald McDonald House. You can bid on fishing (to go to Fish, the restaurant…) with Amaro. Who wants to band together to spend a day fishing with Big Poker? I’m serious. Go here for more details.

The audio is after the jump.

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20 Responses

  1. Mike & Ike show is terrible. Every f*cking time I tune into it Barkcann is singing. Barkcann is great on csn but blows on the radio baby

  2. Why do you keep showing that picture of Cliff Lee and expecting that it was beer?
    How many times do we have to tell you that?

  3. horrible article. you practically zero information and zero opinion. thanks for being an insightful writer and giving those that don’t know about scutaro some info. Scutaro in 2011 had an average 31 points higher than rollins with 4 more doubles. not saying Scutaro is the saving grace or even the right move but jesus christ why don’t you take the time and write a decent article?

  4. Barkann is ok, but Jesus H. Christ, somebody get Reese off of the air. He is dumb as a rock and just the sound of his voice makes me turn it off.

  5. The Fanatic shits on WIP. I’d even rather listen to Mike and Mike in the morning than that trash WIP puts out. Tony Bruno is the man, however Mike Miss is a bitch.

  6. I don’t fish. In fact, I’m always appalled that “gaming” activities are considered sports. But going fishing with Ruben Amaro Jr would be awesome. Not quite as mind-blowing as going fishing with Roy Halladay. But certainly high on the list.

  7. Also, am I safe in assuming that the $450 for lunch with the morning idiots is the ransom payment necessary to avoid having to have a meal with them? It’s kind of the logic behind the Venezuelans who take famous people’s relative hostage to demand payment.

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