Highlights from the Ruben Amaro Radio Tour

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Ruben Amaro continued with his I hate our offense campaign. Big Poker was on 97.5 with Mike Missanelli yesterday afternoon and the 94 WIP morning show this morning. During both interviews, he was more candid than he was during his press conference… specifically about the offense.

Some quotes (from both stations).


The offense: he’s not happy with the lackluster at-bats and failure to get on base consistently

“We just didn’t hit.”

“It’s a matter of them buying into it, and making some mental adjustments on what the approach is. We need to stop striking out, we got to make tougher outs, we got to make good outs. I think that they’re capable of doing it. It’s just a matter of getting it done.”

“We’ve had guys that have hit .300 before, there’s no reason why they can’t do it again. Ryan Howard has hit .300, Chase has hit .300, Victorino has hit .300, and Jimmy Rollins has come very close to hitting .300. It’s a matter of them putting their minds to it.”


On Game 2: hurled some mud at Cliff and disappointed the offense didn’t tack on more runs

“Cliff Lee start, that was a tough one for us to lose. Cliff wasn’t all that sharp, that hurt us.”

“When you got a team down, you got to put your foot on their throat, we never really did that, especially in Game 2.”  


Ryan Madson: wants to re-sign Madson, but is aware that there are many closers, including Heath Bell, available

“There’s a much better pool of free agent closers [compared to shortstops] who’ve had success.”


Roy Oswalt: he clearly doesn’t want to spend $16 million on him, but wants to explore other options. The Phillies can decline, pay Oswalt $2 million, then send him on his way. Might make sense for Oswalt to accept less money from the Phillies.

“A lot of it depends on whether we value him at $16 million next year. He can decline, as well.”

“I don’t know that $16 million is the right value for him right now, but there might be other ways to get him done.”


The fans: handy 

“I can’t tell you how proud I was of our fans, especially that last game. That was a special way to serve our players. They deserve to see a championship, and we’re going to do our damnedest to get back there.”


On chances of winning and current squad: echoes what we said yesterday about 2008 team getting all the breaks

“I’d put our 2011 team against out 2008 team anytime. We didn’t create the kind of luck we had in 2008.”


Game 5: zen

“Clearly, we didn’t swing the bats the way we wanted to and we didn’t get the big base hits. We came pretty close with a couple of long fly balls, but they didn’t reach the fence or go over them, so unfortunately we weren’t fortunate enough to move on.”

“I believe in karma and the way that Doc came back and pitched, I really believed that the baseball gods were going to shine down positively upon him because of the effort and what he did and how he performed. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We missed by a couple of inches on a couple of swings from getting there. But that’s baseball, it’s part of life.”


Ryan Howard swinging at 3-0 pitch: not happy

“I was angry about it… I was angry that he didn’t hit it out. If you’re going to swing at it, then hit it out. We pay him to drive the ball out of the ballpark and produce runs, in that situation I would have liked to have had him been on base.”


You can listen to the 97.5 interview here. We’ll have the WIP interview just as soon as it’s posted.

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19 Responses

  1. I seriously can not belive that drunk Rhea on the morning show is blaming Doc for game five’s loss; complaining about his lackluster 1st inning..are you kidding me??

  2. Probably isn’t going to happen Leon- I would bet that ESPN Radio forces their local stations to air Mike and Mike. On top of that, for some reason, they get good ratings. I guess some people enjoy mindless nonsense to stimulate their brain in the morning.

  3. @Derek..She has been making jabs about his performance whenever people bring-up the failure to hit in the series or Cliff Lee’s bomb in game two. Its like she has something against him personally.
    I know its not gonna happen, but I seriously wish they would talk more hockey.
    Also, Angelo actually hung up on someone yesteday because they mentioned the Union being in first place and that was what that particular person was looking forward to.

  4. You’re a tool if you bash the morning show. Cataldi is a true fan and is hilarious as well. He isn’t a prick or arrogant like Mikey Miss or Eskin was. Rhea is a bitch (ugly as well) and I have no idea how she can have a job. She is absolutely horrible, I’d rather listen to 13 years straight of Andy Reid presser’s which tell us nothing. Oh wait….

  5. “Cataldi is a true fan and is hilarious as well.”
    -He’s A) from Rhode fucking Island and gets paid a million dollars a year to spew any nonsense you’ll eat up, so of course he’ll get behind whatever you think he’s a “true fan” of….& B) you don’t know what humor is.

  6. CN you probably like Rhea Hughes and that pus Missanelli who talks nothing but shit now that he is on top but will never admit he’s wrong: see, James, Lefraud.
    He’s a punk who has turned into Eskin, he just isn’t as gay…at this moment. Cataldi speaks for the fans and he understands the fans. Not little crybabies that will suck off guys like Reid and Manuel to have them come on the show.

  7. Cataldi is a Yankees Fan from Red Sox Country (Rhode Island). When he started doing radio, he was cheering for the Cowboys. He made bets to wear a dress on the Great Sports Debate if the Cowboys lost to the Eagles, but the Eagles could never win. SO he switched it up and started making a different bet: he’s wear a dress if the Cowboys beat the Eagles, which in the early 90’s, they always did. These are facts. Here’s another fact: The Fanatic will have a local morning show within the next 6 months. Tony Bruno didn’t move back to Philly to do 2 hours in the mid-day. Bruno in the Morning. Lock it up

  8. Cataldi is the very definition of a fair-weather fan. He is the composite of every negative stereotype of a Philadelphia fan.

  9. Ruben, you smug bastard, somehow in the face of all this disappointment, I found some solace in the fact that you’re pissed off on our behalf.

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