I Found a St. Louis Postseason Meme Worse Than That MF’ing Squirrel

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One unfortunate outcome of the Cardinals’ improbable run to the World Series (besides the Phanatic offing himself) is the concept of happy flight, a phrase coined by the Cardinals which refers to the fact that seemingly every plane trip in the last few weeks has been a … wait for it … happy trip.

They won the Wild Card in Houston and then hopped on a plane. They won Game 2 in Philly and then hopped on a plane. They won Game 5 in Philly and then hopped on a plane. They won Game 2 in Milwaukee and then hopped on a plane. They won Game 6 in Milwaukee and then hopped on a plane. Yeah, you get it. Real fucking clever. Anyway, they lost last night, but they’re still happy. Apparently.

They may have happy flight, but we have Shane Victorino dropping in on conversations between Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian. 

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Legends are born in October, baby!


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  1. Maybe you should unfollow Shane until say, mid-February. I think everything he’s likely to post til then is going to be irritating.

  2. Victorino needs to lose the Twitter account. This is getting ridiculous. Haven’t been on CB since the Phillies loss and the stuff i’m reading each and every day is just annoying.

  3. I guess it’s easier to just move on from a historic collapse when you’re a millionaire trying to get herpes from a Kardashian.

  4. he needs to shag fly balls better instead of trying to shag that pin-cushion
    she’s following in her father’s footsteps – her profession is also getting black guys off

  5. Another reason not to follow athlete’s on Twitter. Remember when some of the Ed Hardy Mafia Phillies guys from early 2009 welcomed Dane Cook with open arms?…yeah, that time.

  6. Whats the big deal? I mean, I personally cant stand that superficial bitch, but whats the problem with him wishing her a happy birthday? Im pretty sure any Phillies news for the next while is going to piss us off regardless of how trivial it is… Get over it people

  7. I’m losing respect for Shane with every gay tweet. Kim kardasian prob doesn’t even know who the fuck he is

  8. Shane’s been spotted with some fugly pigs on his nuts but that fat Kardashian might be right up his alley

  9. You people need to get on with your lives already. For fuck’s sakes, the Phillies losing in the playoffs isn’t the end of the fucking world. At least they made the fucking playoffs! Hit the unfollow button if it bothers you so fucking much instead of whining about it incessantly, jeez.

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  11. You people are pathetic. Victorino can do as he pleases. So long as he doesn’t dishonor the team or attack the fans, who cares? Just because you can’t reconcile the fact that the Cardinals are a good team and they edged the Phillies doesn’t mean that Victorino can’t live his life. Get over yourselves.

  12. Victorino needs to be traded. The lineup is a shell if it’s old self & has to change.

  13. If Shane Victorino didn’t have a twitter account, there would hardly be any content on this site. Unless you count plugs for the $1 diarrhea tubes passed off as hot dogs at Drinkers, one of the worst bars in the city.
    “And seeing as though…that this is the most read independent site written from a fan perspective, I’d say that I’m qualified to give my opinion on how most fans feel.”
    LOL @ unjustified hubris.

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