Is There a Pitcher You’d Rather Have on the Mound for Game 5?

Your Morning Wood is coming up shortly. I bathed my Game 4 sorrows in Sam Adams Octoberfest last night, so it's a little slow going this morning. Cue the folks who comment how Sam Adams is too mainstream for their liking…

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  1. “Sam Adams Octoberfest last night, so it’s a little slow going this morning. Cue the folks who comment how Sam Adams is too mainstream for their liking…”
    Well, you’re supporting employment in the Lehigh Valley, so you can get a pass (for a while).
    And that damned varmint tree rat, AKA “Tony La Russa’s hairpiece”, turned into a traitor! Actually, unlike Tue nite, I think that poor critter commited bonzeye suicide by running into the stands. Somebody got a free meal last night.

  2. Have you tried Yuengling Oktoberfest? I didn’t even know it existed until last week…but my god is it delicious.

  3. Dear God,
    If you’re there and can hear us, plus make Doc awesome tomorrow night so that the Phillies advance. Not for our sakes, but for the guys, like Doc himself, who never won a WFC have a chance. Amen
    A Remorseful Sinner

  4. Phils should’ve finished this off on Wednesday. It’s not who’s on the mound, it’s the production of the four, five, sixth and seventh hitters. What rock have they been hiding under?

  5. I would not want ANY other pitcher out there then roy! but i just worry about our offense flat lining. And i am reaching for threads at the end of my rope defending howard. The man is a 25 mill part time player. He disappears against lefties. I just worry about doc going complete game 1 run and us losing. sorry to be negative but this offense has me worried. And by making it a game 5 that puts doc at unavailable until game 3 of the NLCS.

  6. With our offense and Carpenter on the mound, no there’s no other pitcher in the game I’d rather have. For the fact there’s no other pitcher in the game that has a better chance of a complete game shutout.

  7. Nothing beats a nice cold pint of Budweiser at Penny gardens. Coldest mugs in the city

  8. Ryan Howard and his big fucking nose need to step it up, those at bats in STL were a joke

  9. You drink beer for the taste, not to win the approval of some hipster dullars who can’t wipe their ass without tweeting for peer approval first.
    Same thing with the jobs angle, Subway employees plenty of people around here but I don’t eat their stuff cause it sucks, regardless of Ryan Howard’s promos.
    Have to agree on the squirrel, if he had an ounce of decency in him he would have bitten Angel Hernadez square in crotch. Maybe then Angel would know where the hell at least one ball is.

  10. Ryan Howard has to keep his nose on the ball & earn his paycheck. Also Lil Roy came up small

  11. What bothered me about the offense last night is that they weren’t swinging early in the count. Even though they were good fastballs, Jacksons low-count lobs were mostly right in the middle of the zone.
    And Jimmy, he’s got so many hits but how many have gotten a runner in for a run? It was frustrating to see him ground out of all times in the 5th with 2 outs and Polanco in scoring position.
    I was also pissed that they called Pence out while stealing second in the 1st.
    And I know why Roy was pissed with the home ump for the squirrle. It didn’t distract Roy but if you look at the replay the ump Angel Hernandez is focused on the varmint, not on the pitch. That was a strike at the bottom of the zone and it was a travesty that Hernandez was too big headed to admit it.
    I don’t know if Pence was called safe or they didn’t count that squirrle pitch would change the outcome, but that’s all we ask, that the officials gets thinks right, goddamnit!

  12. So, where is the best place to watch game 5 in Center City? I was thinking possibly fox and hound. Any thoughts?

  13. “Have to agree on the squirrel, if he had an ounce of decency in him he would have bitten Angel Hernadez square in crotch. Maybe then Angel would know where the hell at least one ball is.” — Darth Amaro of the New Evil Empire
    Post of the morning (so far).

  14. Whats wrong with you ? Don’t you know that the super awesome beer store in the middle of nowhere up the northeast extension just got a shipment of bourbon barrel aged canadian goose grease winter stout ? 1 bottle per customer limit but its soooooo worth the 80 miles round trip bro !

  15. Totally understandable, Between the Tequilla and Angel Hernandez… i’m giving serious consideration to running the wetbacks over at the lansdale mcdonalds.

  16. I’m not worried about Doc, I’m worried about the offense and stupid tiny mistakes that cost us the game. Pence was safe last night. If Shane hadn’t botched that throw and Oswalt hadn’t hit Holliday it would have been a completely different ball game. You can make mistakes like that in the post season. I’m sick of the offense coming out strong and then DYING. That momentum needs to continue through the whole game. There are going to be a lot of fans, myself included, jumping off the Walt Whitman on Friday night if they fuck this up. THEY as in a team. Not one single person on that team should shoulder the blame if they lose.

  17. iron mcginty, jimmy isnt getting RBI because there is no one on base when he bats. the bottom of the lineup does not get on base, so his at bats are not RBI producing.
    I get the the 1,2,3 is working but the lineup is not. go back to jimmy shane chase howard pence raul polanco ruiz.
    howard is not getting any pitches due to the lack of power from shane behind him.

  18. Beer hipsters are the worse!! I went into a craft store last thur & they were staring at me in disgust. Kinda like an elderly couple shaking their heads at an interracial couple.

  19. Howard needs to take away the outside corner. I was at the games on Saturday and Sunday and could not see from where I was sitting just how far away from the plate he was standing. It’s been maddening to watch on TV the past two nights – Howard standing on the other side of the Mississippi while Molina sets up outside. The Cardinals’ batteries are playing him like a goddamn fiddle!

  20. mcginty, so that’s 1 occasion that you can remember? RBI is not a leadoff hitters job, his job is to get on base and he is 9-16. he is the least of our worries right now.

  21. @ iron balls, i agree 100% about the swinging early comment! the same thing with garcia in game 3. none of these guys take pitches and MAKE the pitcher actually pitch, they just let him throw it and swing away! also i am sick of jimmy rollins, he had 2 doubles at CBP that went off the wall, any other park that is a long fly ball. he had a double last night b/c of the sun and then also previously had a infield single that StL 2B couldnt get to.
    And another thing, did anyone else hear dick stockton shoot a load in his pants when they hit that HR? the man never gave HALF that emotion when we got any runs. just like when oswalt asked about that pitch with the squirrel Stockton goes(in a smug prick voice): What’s Oswalt want NOW?!?!

  22. adam, your argument about jimmys doubles off the wall at CBP is terrible. the wall is there for every batter to hit and you don’t see anyone else doing it. you might as well bring up the green monster in boston too.

  23. if anyone said that after 4 games Jimmy would be hitting .563 and Howard would have 6 RBI, would you think this series would be over…?
    It would be if LaRussa did not walk Cooch!!
    John Mayberry – .000
    Cooch – .071
    Polanco – .125
    Ryan Howard .133
    we’re the lucky team here to be alive
    one lucky swing is why the Phils are still playing
    Shane has cost us 2 runs
    in the field
    Not sure what Chase was doing last night on the bases – maybe he thought Ryan no arm was playing first?
    Charlie left Lee in too long in Gm 2
    No starter in the history of post-season play has given up 12 hits – NO SHIT – because no fucking manager has ever left a starter in that FUCKING long
    just like 2010
    bat dead
    manager brain dead
    shoddy fielding by Shane (anyone remember Game 6 of the 2009 World Series?)who also botched a play in Game 6 last year
    and yet – we’re still breathing –
    let’s go DOC – save us all

  24. @uncle charlie – What makes you think, after swinging through that down and away junk his entire career, that Howard really wants to do anything about it at this point ? Its fucking infuriating.

  25. Put it to y’all this way: I like our chances to win Friday’s game so long as Halladay has a shutout in him, because we all know that the Phillies will score maybe 1 or 2 runs in the first inning and then disappear for the rest of the game. If Doc doesn’t have a shutout in him, then, well…we’re fucked.
    Fuck you, Phillies. Fuck you all for letting this get to a game 5.

  26. @k, so the argument that a leadoff hitter should be smoking line drives instead of dropping his back shoulder trying to loft the ball in the seats is terrible…. ok

  27. Anyone else notice that Kyle Scott’s pic looks like a cross between Lance Bass, the gay dude from Back Street Boys and a serial killer?

  28. “RBI is not a leadoff hitters job”
    Agreed, but regardless of position in the order, he’s only a LEADOFF hitter when he’s FIRST AT BAT IN ANY INNING. When somebody else gets to base before him in any inning, it’s IS his and any batters job to make an RBI (or a sac to get the runner into scoring position with < 2 outs). That was my one example for the last game; I'd have to go back into the books for other times should it be my pleasure, but I got better things to do with my time, thankye

  29. I agree with Jmac, be honest here, if you swapped managers before the series would we still be having this conversation?

  30. Ok, we’re also a consistent Jerry Meals strike zone from a sweep and enjoying the last few days off.
    Ifs and buts and candy and nuts.
    Doc deals in game five, the Cards tank has to be at emptyand the CBP crowd gets on Carpenter.

  31. @K, it’s not about TLR, it’s about charlie, charlie is still managing the phillies, the 2008 version. The 2011 version, is a little older, bats are a little slower, thus less power and they need to manufacture runs on occasion. Starting with the nlcs last year he’s clearly demonstrated that he’s unable or unwilling to adjust or compromise. Charlie is a nice guy and everyone wants to play for a nice guy, i get it. Strategically, playing for the 3 run homer game in and game out with the pitching staff we have is a flawed philosophy.

  32. Ninja likes the word “suck” a lot. Something you want to come clean about? I wish it could just be tomorrow at 8:30 already so Doc can shut these people up.

  33. Who ever posted: 7-1 cards friday night. Take that to the bank & suck it
    Go get your own freaking name and stop using mine. I am the only Ninja.
    Don’t be a freaking loser.

  34. boooo hoooo, a squirrel ran in front of me and that is why i gave up soooo many runs. WhAAAAAAAAA!

  35. St. Louis, fact, they don’t even send mobsters there when they enter the program. This has to be the 17 year old pimple faced prick wearing that goofy bird costume. go munch down on your sister’s fishy goodness you cousin bangin redneck pussy.

  36. @MM, My uncle is Anthony Parrino. What is your name? i will come over for a little visit.

  37. Our daughter and son-in-law are conscientious about offering three full meals each day with snacks. It is amazing to witness the change in behavior if/when we’re a bit late with snacks, especially for our grandson: less helpful behaviors begin to ramp up. Within minutes of consuming the needed snack (cheese, nuts, cooked grains–brown rice, couscous, etc) his jovial, playful self returns.

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