Jason Babin Had Eight Shotguns Stolen

What, you thought those tattoos indicated peace and tranquility?

Jason Babin told TMZ that a Houston-based moving company, Movers R’ Us, had been hired to bring his belongings to Philadelphia. When he called them a few weeks ago to acquire about his belongings, including eight shotguns, he was given a “run-around”: [TMZ]

According to Babin, when he called the company a few weeks ago to send his stuff they gave him the run around … before finally admitting his possessions were lost in a robbery.

Babin says NFL Security followed up with Houston PD … and confirmed a police report was filed which included the serial numbers for his missing guns.  


And this is why you never employ a company with “R Us” in its title. It might as well have been called “Houston Movers Who Steal Your Shit.” Now some thief (or thieves) is running around with eight shotguns. America ftw!

Just warning you now, some of our posts over the next few days may be dark, as the mourning process runs its course. By Thursday, we’ll be drunk posting late at night begging the Phillies to play just one more game, even if it is for only one meaningless evening. By Friday… drunken rage. Drunken rage.

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6 Responses

  1. I guess owning seven shotguns wasn’t enough for Babin. I’m sure he’s praying those weapons don’t wind up being used in a crime or getting someone killed.

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