Jayson Werth is Trying to Get Ryan Madson to Play for the Nationals

Screen Shot 2011-10-18 at 10.46.13 AM Come here, big guy (Photo: Getty, Zimbio)

Jayson Werth continues to annoy. According to a report from Jon Heyman, Werth is trying to sell Ryan Madson on playing in the nation’s capital: [SI.com]

The Nationals are a candidate for Madson if he leaves the Phillies; ex-Phillies teammate Jayson Werth is trying to sell Madson on the Nats.


Not much there, but I’d really like to know what the pitch is: Hey, great group of youngsters. I hate it here. There are no fans. Watching October baseball makes me ill. But the Lerners are just stoopid with their money. I bought a mansion and six Bentleys and didn't even hit .240. How crazy is that?!

All joking aside, the Nationals will field a competitive team over the next few years, especially if Bryce Harper makes the show and is even half as good as he thinks he is. Adding Madson at the back end of the bullpen, which already includes Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen, would make for quite the upgrade.


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  1. yeah, i’ve never been fully comfortable with the jokes about Werth going to the Nats. the money was worth ridiculing, but not the team. they have almost as much upside as anyone. i would not be shocked if they were competing for the division, or at least the wild card, in two years.

  2. I respect the Nats as a team, and honestly, I have a shred of it for Werth, too. However, one can’t deny that the contract he was given was completely idiotic on the Nats’ part.

  3. First step for the Nationals this season was to beat the Mets. Check that off the list by 3.5 games. Second step was to get Strasburg back on the mound healthy. Check that off the list.
    I think the Nats are a good three years out, but if they stick to their short & long-term game plans, they will be exciting to watch and a real threat to the other clubs in the NL East.

  4. by the time the Nats are any good Werth, Madson, Rollins, and any other over the hill Phils the try to pilfer will be on the back end of their careers. And if the Nats keep handing out contracts like Werth’s they are going to cripple their ability to keep players like Strasburg and Harper.
    Sure the Phils are going to be kicking themselves 2 years from now for the Howard deal but the MAJOR difference is, we fill CBP EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. You won’t be seeing groupons for Phillies tickets any time soon. The Nationals on the other hand only have 50% capacity when the Phils are in town.

  5. Is Madson the best closer available? No. Is he just going to get best closer money due to Boras? Yes. Wherever he Goes will Ryan Madson be overpaid? YES. Will he blow saves? YES. Will he blow double digit saves? MAYBE he has that potential mentally.
    Im With Adam B, let them load up with overpaid guys on the decline because nothing is happening for them in the next 2 years, even the wildcard would be a stretch for the Nats in 2013. I thought earlier that he’d wind up a yankee, since then, they’ve got the back of thier bullpen pretty well figured out so a move to the nats makes sense.

  6. I, too believe the Nats are going to be a force in the division soon. The ownership seems to be committed to putting a good team on the field. And if they start winning their gate will increase. I think Madson going to Washington is a possibly. The question is does the organization still feel the sting of the Werth deal or are they ready to jump back in the Boras cesspool?

  7. I’m still so disapointed in this team, I can’t even pretend to care what they do right now. I’m more concerned with the Eagles making moves before the deadline. What’s with Victorino calling you a clown and dogging the blog? Random as all hell.
    LOLraiders FACE

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I continue to have a WHOLE lot of trouble taking the gNats seriously. Just because they finished higher than the Mess this season doesn’t mean they’re a force to be reckoned with in the future, even with the likes of Strasberg and Harper, neither of whom will be around once free agency beckons. In my mind, the gNats will always be a bottom feeder like Kansas City and Pittsburgh until they prove otherwise.

  9. Got to agree with FACE, Madson is going and RAJ all but said it at his conference. But look on the bright side of the Nats possibly signing him – Tyler Clippard is UFA in 2012 and wouldn’t he fit nicely into the middle of the bullpen.

  10. Yo Mad Dog, come on down. They will pay you crazy money and no one really gives a shit if you suck.
    DC rocks.
    J Werth

  11. The Nats will be the team that eventually unseats the Phils atop the NL East. Maybe not next year or the year after, but when the sun sets on this Phillies run, it will be the Nationals laying claim to it.

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